Our Mission

To make people feel good about recruitment


Finding and recruiting good people is hard. So we go the extra mile to make it easier (and to make you feel good about the process)

Feel good about recruitment? I know, it’s a bold ideological statement at odds with how many people feel about an industry that, let’s face it, is maligned. However, we believe that by helping companies find and work with recruitment agencies within an intelligent online marketplace that’s built on trust, while delivering friendly, helpful, and proactive customer service, we can make people feel good about recruitment. So this is what we aspire to do. Internally, "making people feel good about recruitment" acts as our North Star. A mantra that drives our culture. Influencing how we behave, how we make decisions, and our approach to doing business. Ultimately, our goal is for Hiring Hub to be the best recruitment company in the UK. Even though, weirdly, we don't actually do any recruiting...


It's a powerful online marketplace that helps companies find candidates in hours, not weeks, and with no hassle, by connecting you the UK's most active community of independent, specialist recruitment agencies.

Simply upload your job and state what you’d be willing to pay a recruitment agency if you hired their candidate. Agencies you approve will submit their best candidates. Hire one, and pay the fee you set. Use Hiring Hub if you want to:

  • Find candidates in hours, not weeks, and fill your vacancies 3x faster
  • Set your own placement fee upfront, and only pay if you hire
  • Centralise your recruitment process online, and cut admin by 50%
  • Get support from a dedicated Account Manager whenever you need it
  • Have multiple agencies working on your vacancy within minutes

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Discover how they filled their technical IT vacancies quickly and easily with Hiring Hub

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  • You will fill your vacancy fast, with the best candidate on the market, and with no hassle
  • You can centralise all your company’s recruitment activity in one place, in the cloud
  • It’s a lot less hassle than finding, negotiating with, and managing multiple recruitment agencies direct
  • It's free! We make our money by charging recruitment agencies a monthly subscription fee
  • You set your own placement fee upfront, and you only pay if you hire. Don't hire, pay nothing
  • You get a dedicated Account Manager whose job it is to help you (and make you feel good!)
  • You can use our data to determine what fee you should offer agencies to get the best results
  • You are protected by simple, transparent, fair, universal Terms of Business
  • You access more agencies, quickly, so you're more likely to find a better candidate, faster
  • There's no contract to tie you in, so it can be used ad hoc alongside your PSL or other recuitment activity


We love to talk, and our dedicated support team is on hand whenever you need it to give advice on salaries, fees, and using the marketplace.

Hiring Hub Support

Recruit Nationwide

We have 100s of independent recruitment agencies dotted across the UK. Use our online recruitment marketplace to connect with them and fill your vacancies faster.

From Glasgow to London and Bristol to Edinburgh, our network of recruitment agencies stretches the length of the country. Whether you’re searching for a Software Developer in Shoreditch, a Product Engineer in Solihull or a Finance Director in Manchester, we’ve got you covered.

Upload jobs in any sector

No matter your industry sector, our community of independent recruitment agencies has it covered.

We work with companies across all sectors, from IT to Engineering, Sales to Healthcare, Legal to Marketing… We could go on but you get the point. It’s a marketplace, connecting you to a community of recruitment agencies, who’ll help you find the best candidates in the market.


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