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The speed at which your company’s infrastructure keeps pace with your business' growth plays a major factor in your firm's success. To gain a competitive advantage you cannot compromise: you must find the best talent, and find it faster.

Hiring Hub helps companies fill technical vacancies quickly. Connect to our ‘on demand’ community of specialist recruitment agencies – who in turn are connected to the talent you are looking for – and leave no stone unturned in your next candidate search.

Simply upload your vacancy and recruitment agencies that you approve will compete to fill it for the fixed fee you set (those you don’t approve won’t discover your identity). Hire a candidate: get one invoice and pay the fee you set. Don’t hire: pay nothing.

Featured customers

Hiring Hub has helped 1000s of companies find talent faster. Here’s a handful of happy customers.

"It means I can access hundreds of specialist recruitment agencies through a single point of contact." — Rachel Lunn, Recruitment Manager, Sofaworks Ltd

“The Hiring Hub website is really easy to use and intuitive. It works really fast to; we filled our vacancy in two weeks.” — Allison Donachie, Great Places Housing Group

“From posting our first vacancy on Hiring Hub to filling that position took just two weeks, which is fantastic.” — James Hales, Director, Clearwater Corporate Finance

Take control. Accelerate your hiring. Keep to budget.

Connect to an 'on demand' community of specialist recruitment agencies that will find and submit candidates that match your criteria, quickly. And manage the whole process online.

Hiring hub Find quality candidates faster

Find quality candidates faster

On average, users fill their vacancies in just 19 days on Hiring Hub (that’s 3x faster than using a recruitment agency offline). Post your job today, and recruitment agencies you approve will be working to find you candidates within hours.

Hiring hub The power of a community

The power of a community

Access the largest and most powerful community of specialist, independent recruitment agencies in the UK. Those you approve will find the talent you need, quickly.

Keep a grip on costs

Keep a grip on costs

Upload a vacancy to Hiring Hub’s marketplace (which is free) and set a fee you’d be comfortable paying a recruitment agency if they find you a candidate you want to hire. Pay the fee you set if you hire the candidate. Don’t hire? Don’t pay anything.

Stay in the driving seat

Stay in the driving seat

Is your time too precious to spend all day dealing with recruitment agencies? Hiring Hub cuts out the noise and focuses on what matters: finding you the best candidate, quickly. No lengthy fee negotiations, no cold calls, no time wasted.

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Our support team is on hand to help you whenever you need it. As little or as much as you like.

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Any sector. Any location.

No matter your industry sector or location, our community of specialist recruitment agencies have it covered.

We work with companies across all sectors, from IT to Engineering, Sales to Healthcare, Legal to Marketing... We could go on but you get the point. It’s a marketplace, connecting you to agencies across sectors.

Whether you’re searching for a Software Developer in Shoreditch, a Product Engineer in Solihull or a Finance Director in Edinburgh, our powerful community of recruitment agencies will find you the best candidates in the market.