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1. Upload your vacancy

And set the placement fee you’d be willing to pay an agency if you hired their candidate.

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2. Engage with agencies

Select the agencies you’re happy to receive CVs from and they will submit their best candidates.

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3. Review candidates

Move candidates through your recruitment process using our free (and brilliant) online software.

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If you hire a candidate you pay the fee you originally set to, nothing more.

Recruitment can be hard. Hiring-Hub makes it easy.

Hiring Hub is an online recruitment marketplace. Simply upload your vacancy, set a placement fee, and specialist recruitment agencies from our approved network will compete to fill your vacancy for the fixed fee that you set. It's recruitment, without the hassle normally associated with recruiting. It's Hiring Hub.

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What our customers say about Hiring-Hub

"It means I can access hundreds of specialist recruitment agencies through a single point of contact." Rachel Lunn Recruitment Manager, CSL Sofas Ltd

you find candidates faster

On average, it takes users just 19 days to fill a vacancy using That’s super-fast. Why? Because you’re utilising the power of the crowd: a huge network of independent recruitment agencies (and one of them is going to have the candidate you’re looking for).

And because you bypass much of the upfront admin associated with using recruitment agencies; like meeting them, negotiating terms and fees, briefing them on your company culture and the specific role… Through your vacancy gets to market faster, and, therefore, gets filled faster.

you decide the cost

It’s a simple yet compelling proposition: upload your vacancy to the online recruitment marketplace and set a fee you’d be happy to pay a recruitment agency if they found you the candidate you wanted to hire.

It won’t cost you anything to put your vacancy on the marketplace, and if you don’t find the right candidate you won’t pay a penny, so there’s no upfront cost, or risk. Need help setting a fee? Just ask.

you find the best talent

Through you can access the largest network of specialist, independent recruitment agencies in the UK and, therefore, the biggest pool of experienced candidates in the country. This greatly increases your chances of finding the best candidate, quickly.

It puts you in total control, too: your vacancy is displayed to agencies anonymously, so they can’t cold call you. You can then decide which agencies you want to work with, based on customer feedback. Only those you approve can submit candidates.

Get supported all the way

We know you’re really busy, and the pressure you’re under, which is why we have made it our mission is to make recruitment easier for people like you.

As soon as you register you’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager whose purpose is to make your life easier, so you can crack on with your day job while we take care of the little things that take up your time, like uploading jobs, briefing and liaising with multiple agencies, organising interviews, etc.

Learn how we can fill your vacancy fast!

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"Our aim is to change the
UK's recruitment industry
for the better. Forever."
Simon Swan Co-founder,

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"What's not to like? I login to my computer each day and there are new vacancies for me to start working on." Matt Jagger Managing Director of Jagger Talent