Ascribe Ltd

“What is great about Hiring Hub is that everything is all in one place, which greatly speeds up the recruitment process.” Sophie Bissett, HR Coordinator

A specialist IT company, Ascribe Ltd is a leading supplier of Business Intelligence, consultancy, and clinically-focused IT solutions and services in the healthcare industry. Used by over 75% of NHS Trusts in the UK, Ascribe also boasts customers in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.Ascribe faces two distinct challenges when recruiting within the IT sector: 1) sourcing the specialist, technical IT skills necessary for the company to continue its rapid growth; and 2) location, as its offices are rural, away from the usual hubbub of a major city and, therefore, away from a higher density of IT workers.

It was these two issues that led Ascribe to trialing Hiring Hub in 2011. Since then, it has uploaded vacancies across divisions at its headquarters, from its bread and butter, technical IT roles, like Software Developers and Software Testers, to Bid Authors, Payroll Officers, Marketing Managers, and Integration Consultants.Since joining Ascribe in 2013, Sophie Bissett, HR Coordinator, has used Hiring Hub on multiple occasions to broaden Ascribe’s search for the very best IT talent in the UK. Here’s what she had to say about her experience with Hiring Hub.

“Our main offices tend to be quite remote. We’re not in the centre of London, and we’re not in the centre of Manchester. We are very much based in the countryside, and so location is always a problem when we try to hire.

“Another difficulty lies in the huge variety of the roles that we recruit for, which can be anything from HR positions to really high end, specialist [IT] roles. So that’s why we originally signed up for Hiring Hub, and why we continue to use it.

“I joined Ascribe in the summer and it was the first time I had come across Hiring Hub so my Account Manager gave me a dummy’s run through at first, showing me how to use it. After that it was very straightforward and really simple. It’s quite user friendly, I’d say.

“What was great about Hiring Hub was that everything is all in one place. So instead of having numerous recruitment agencies trying to contact me to ask about a particular position, or sending me more candidates, it was all done through this one online platform.

“For example, I’d get an email notification telling me that a new candidate had been submitted, and I would login and look through and filter through my response, so there was no juggling of recruiters. I could see the candidates, and we could forward them on to a line manager straight away if they were appropriate. If they weren’t, we could reject them immediately and give the recruitment agency feedback then and there, which greatly speeds up the process.

“So for me, that was a major advantage: that it was all very much in one place, so I could login for 15 minutes a day and keep on top of everything very easily. It meant that everything was quicker, and everything could just move through our process faster.

“From my perspective, Hiring Hub is definitely a different way of recruiting, and it works, so I would definitely recommend using it. It broadens our search for candidates substantially, and the fact that you only pay if it works means that, for us, there’s really no reason why we wouldn’t upload a vacancy to see what candidates come that channel.”