Beever & Struthers Chartered Accountants

“Combined with the ability to manage my suppliers and process online, the opportunity to set my own placement fee was too big to overlook." Jo Rigby, HR Director

Beever & Struthers Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors has offices in London, Manchester and Blackburn. It has been providing accountancy and financial support to its clients for over 100 years and currently ranks in the Top 10 firms in the North West, and Top 60 practices in the UK.

Having first used Hiring Hub in 2011 to fill a Senior Audit vacancy, and since many others, Beever & Struther’s HR Director, Jo Rigby, explains why Hiring Hub is such a compelling proposition for employers that are searching for experienced staff within the accountancy and finance sectors.

“Combined with the ability to manage my recruitment suppliers and process online, the opportunity to set my own placement fee was too big to overlook. So Hiring Hub has proved a fantastic resource.

“Some agencies use the negotiation of a candidate’s starting salary as a mechanism to drive up their own fee, so when I discovered Hiring Hub and understood how it worked, I was willing to give it a go.

“The website itself is really easy to use. I registered and uploaded my vacancy, and the process took no more than a few minutes. It’s then just a matter of waiting a few hours as recruitment agencies tender to work on the vacancy

“Agencies don’t know who you are at first as the vacancy is displayed to them anonymously. They submit their request via the website rather than contacting you direct, which is another big benefit. Suffice to say, I’m no fan of cold calls!

“Other than setting my own placement fee, one of the big attractions of Hiring Hub is that, even though it’s an online tool, you can still speak to a ‘real person’ when you need to.

“It also connected us to a community of specialist recruitment agencies outside of the bigger organisations that everybody has heard of, and because there are no affiliations to one specific recruitment agency, there is a competitive element to getting a vacancy filled.

“The recruitment process is accelerated because agencies submit their best candidates and effectively compete to get the fee. I posted a vacancy and filled it within three weeks.

“I would have no hesitation recommending Hiring Hub to other HR professionals or hiring managers. It is particularly appealing if you have vacancies that you’re struggling to fill and want to open those up to a wider network of agencies quickly.”