Studio North

“I think the most impressive aspect of Hiring Hub the speed at which it works. From uploading a vacancy, to engaging recruitment agencies, receiving CVs, and then to actually hiring a candidate took just two weeks.” Michael Di Paola, Operations Direcotr, Studio North

Studio North is a vibrant, well-respected, 12-year-old brand communications agency based in Manchester. It develops integrated brand communication strategies and creative to the likes of Stagecoach, Sodexo and the NHS. One of its founding partners, Operations Director Michael di Paola, used Hiring Hub to source a PHP developer. Here’s his story:

“At Studio North, as with all businesses, our people are the most important facet and our biggest asset, so recruitment is absolutely key for us. To be honest, we have struggled in the past to find talent. Specifically web developers in recent times. It’s frustrating. There’s a notorious lack of supply when it comes to good quality web and software developers. I don’t think that’s a problem specific to Manchester or the North West. It’s a national issue; there seems to be a skill shortage here in the UK that’s perhaps driven by the exponential growth of the digital and creative sector over the past decade.

“In the past we’ve had a lot of bad experiences when dealing with recruitment agencies, even when recruiting ourselves directly, so the concept of Hiring Hub was a breath of fresh air to us. There didn’t really seem to be a downside to its online marketplace model, as there was no upfront cost or risk, so we were quick to embrace it and post our PHP Software vacancy.

“Despite being able to set a fee, we didn’t really look at Hiring Hub as a way of reducing cost. I suppose you could chance it with a lower fee, but all we really cared about was finding the best PHP developer, and quickly, so we paid the same fee we’ve always negotiated with recruitment agencies when we’ve used them to fill roles offline. If anything we wanted to incentivise specialist IT recruitment agencies in Manchester to submit their best candidates immediately, and chancing it with a low fee would have perhaps been detrimental to achieving that. I think the most impressive aspect of Hiring Hub is/was the speed at which it works.

“From uploading a vacancy, to engaging IT recruitment agencies, receiving CV’s, and then to actually hiring a candidate took just two weeks. Now, bearing in mind we’d been struggling to fill that vacancy for months, and before using Hiring Hub we’d had just a drip of CV’s coming through from local recruitment agencies, the response time was a massive tick in the box for us. So yeah, I would definitely recommend Hiring-Hub. I’m not the only person in the digital sector that struggles to find PHP developers, graphic designers, digital account managers, etc. Anything that can help, and speed up the process while removing some of the niggles associated with recruitment, is a good thing. Ultimately, Hiring Hub made my life easier, so without a shadow of a doubt I would recommend it to industry peers and other business owners.”