Recruitment Agency FAQs

Common questions and answers, from a recruitment agency's perspective.

Frequently asked questions

  • Click ‘Apply’ from the Recruitment Agency page, complete the form, and our welcome team will be in touch to discuss your application.

  • The employer sees your profile before approving you to work on their vacancy. If they are happy with your offline relationship, they will not approve you to work on their vacancy on Hiring Hub. If, however, they wish to use Hiring Hub to centralise their recruitment process, and they accept your request, you are bound by our universal terms.

  • No. We do not operate a split fee model. The marketplace exists only to connect direct employers with specialist recruitment agencies.

  • No, we ask that you remove the candidate’s personal information from their CV.

  • We advise you to carefully select the roles that you have a proven track record of filling. Hiring Hub tracks agency performance and presents this information to employers. The better your stats, the more roles employers will give you access to.

  • When qualifying a vacancy, our account managers will gather the information needed for you to fill it. This will be presented alongside the job description. If there is anything missing, you’re able to use Hiring Hub’s built-in messaging service to ask the employer any questions you have. Your account manager is also on hand to assist in getting everything you need to source the best candidates.

  • We have a digital footprint of which agency submitted the candidate first. If the same candidate is submitted by another agency, it will be marked as a duplicate..

  • On successful placement we will invoice the employer for the fee they set, You invoice us for the fee displayed on your dashboard. We’ll hold the placement fee in a client trust account during the candidate’s rebate period, after which we’ll pass the fee onto to you.

  • This is down to the individual employer. They have the ability to choose as many or as few as they wish. Typically, they’ll select three or four.

  • Naturally, this varies from employer to employer, as it does offline. Our account managers set out realistic timescales when qualifying each vacancy. They will pass this information onto you so you can manage your candidate’s expectations.

  • We leave it up to the employer to choose how they wish to communicate with agencies. Many want to speak with agencies, others choose to centralise the communication through their dashboard. Rest assured that each vacancy has a account manager assigned to it, who is tasked with getting you the information you need to fill the vacancy. They can chase candidate feedback, arrange interviews, etc.

  • Yes, the rebate period is 60 days from candidate start date. You will receive your placement fee within 7 days from the end of the rebate period.

  • You do. After submitting a candidate to an employer, you own that candidate for a six-month period. The employer is aware that if they were to hire that candidate during that period, they would owe you a fee.

  • No. Absolutely, 100%, no. We’ve built a marketplace and, like any marketplace, price is determined by supply and demand. Yes, employers set their own placement fee, but we encourage them to be realistic when uploading their vacancy. And we won’t qualify it if we don’t think the fee is realistic. Fees typically range from £2k-£20k. Ultimately, though, if you’re not comfortable with a fee that’s being offered by an employer, do not request to engage (this will speak volumes to them, and allow us to have the “market economics” conversation with them…).

  • There’s a broad range of vacancies across a broad range of sectors, posted by employers of all shapes and sizes, At any one time there’s 100s of live vacancies on the marketplace, so if you have a good candidate it’s likely you’ll be able to match them with a vacancy.

  • To get instant access to a qualified vacancies from motivated employers. Think of Hiring Hub as an outsourced sales and marketing tool. We’ll find the jobs, you find the candidates.

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