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Frequently asked questions

  • Speed. On average, it takes just 19 days to fill a specialist vacancy on Hiring Hub, which is supersonic in the world of recruitment.

    Control. We empower you, letting you fix your own placement fees, which avoids awkward and lengthy negotiations with multiple recruitment agencies.

    Reach. Our community of specialist recruitment agencies is vast, and spans all sectors and locations, so you’re more likely to find the best candidates, faster.

    Ease. You can manage everything in the cloud, streamlining admin and making your life easier.

  • Not long at all. Once you’ve uploaded your vacancy a notification email will be sent to relevant recruitment agencies that specialise in your sector, this breeds competition between recruitment agencies, who are keen to submit their best candidates first. Therefore, you should see results quickly, usually within hours. However, it will also depend on the job’s location, the salary you are offering, and the placement fee you are willing to pay a recruitment agency. We recommend you set a realistic recruitment fee to motivate a recruitment agency to source and submit their best candidates quickly. If you’re unsure, just ask, your Hiring Hub account manager, who has a really good overview of the UK’s recruitment market, so they can advise on fee level, salaries, etc.

  • Nothing (I know, it sounds to good to be true!). But yeah, it doesn’t employers anything to upload your vacancy to Hiring Hub’s online recruitment marketplace, or use our software. We make our money from our recruitment agency community – qualifying recruitment agencies pay us a monthly subscription to access the jobs on our marketplace.

    So if you hire a candidate, you pay the fee you originally set when you uploaded your job (nothing more, ever). If you don’t hire a candidate it won’t cost you a penny. Ever.

  • You can advertise vacancies in any sector, at any level, but generally it’s aimed at specialist/technical vacancies that carry salaries between £25k to £100k. Within our community of recruitment agencies we have those that specialise in everything from Healthcare to IT, Finance to Sales, Engineering to Accountancy, Construction to Renewable Energy. So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new Finance Director or a Software Developer, Hiring Hub will connect you to specialist recruitment agencies that will find you candidates, faster.

  • Hiring Hub offers the security of a 60-day money-back guarantee. So if a candidate proves unsuitable the first 60-days of their employment, you get the Recruiter Fee back. We have also drafted simple, transparent, universal Terms of Business that protect your rights and interests.

  • No, Hiring Hub is much more sophisticated than that: you can decide how many CVs each recruitment agency you engage with is able to submit. In addition, each recruitment agency has to request your authorisation before they can begin submitting them. Should you be dissatisfied with the quantity or quality of a recruitment agency’s submissions you can prevent them from working on your vacancy quickly, with one click of your computer’s mouse. Just click ‘disengage recruiter’. And chuckle as you play the Bond villain.

  • No. Your vacancies are published to our community of recruitment agencies anonymously, with you and your company’s information concealed. A recruitment agency will only be able to contact you when you authorise them to work on your vacancy. And even then, you can decide how you wish to communicate with them, whether direct, or via your Hiring Hub account manager.

  • Yes, you can add unlimited users to your company’s account. This can centralise your company’s recruitment activity, allowing your line managers to view and review CVs, too. If you need any help setting it up, call our support team use the website’s support function (at the bottom right-hand corner of your dashboard), which will connect you straight to us so we can help.

  • To stop those calls, simplify and accelerate your recruitment process, fix your costs, broaden your candidate search, lighten your load…

  • The recruitment agency that has fully qualified and submitted the candidate via Hiring Hub’s online recruitment marketplace owns that candidate for a period of six months from the date of submission. If you hire that candidate within the initial six-month period, you are liable to pay the placement fee that was originally advertised.

  • Recruitment agencies submit a CV with the candidate’s contact details removed. In order to progress with a particular candidate, you have to request to interview the candidate through your Hub. It is in your interest to keep the recruitment process ‘online’, to ensure you are fully protected by our terms of business.

  • There are 1000s of brilliant, specialist, boutique, niche, independent recruitment agencies in our community. We are confident that if you upload your vacancies with a competitive fee you will receive requests from suitable recruitment agencies within hours, and relevant candidates will be submitted within days no matter how technical the role. We have recruitment agencies covering every sector, so challenge us.

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