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"Hiring Hub have been great. From the initial explanation of the portal, through to the account management. The customer service has always been fantastic and I have felt well informed with contact via phone and email Portal is easy to use and after posting a seriously challenging role on the platform,  we have now had our first  role filled via Hiring Hub. Thanks for all of the teams hard work"

Victoria Hindmarch, Iceland


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Post your vacancy on our marketplace and set a fee upfront to incentivise specialist recruiters to search for, and submit their best candidates.


Select the recruitment agencies you want to work on your vacancy, then sit back as they get to work finding and shortlisting their best hospitality & catering pros in the market.

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Review candidates, communicate with recruiters, schedule interviews and (hopefully) send offers through Your Hub. It's super-simple, hassle-free recruitment!

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Your questions answered...

How much does it cost to use Hiring Hub's marketplace?

Nothing! It’s free to post a job and use our platform and service (you get a dedicated account manager who's on hand to help you). You do, however, have to pay the recruiter if you decide to hire a candidate they submit. For transparency, you say what fee you’re willing to pay a recruiter if they fill your job, when you post it. (FYI, If you don’t hire, you pay nothing.) So there's nothing stopping you, try posting a job today!

How do I know what fee to set to incentivise recruiters?

It depends on a few things like the industry sector, the job’s location, seniority of the role, etc. A good cross-sector barometer is 15-25% of the candidate’s starting salary, however, we’re here to help you decide what fee to set to ensure your job gets the attention it deserves from the best recruiters, and motivates them to submit their best candidates. Call: 0161 300 7235 if you're unsure.

If it's free, how does Hiring Hub make its money?

Recruitment agencies within our network use Hiring Hub as a business development tool, so they pay us a monthly subscription fee to access our marketplace and managed service, hence they're super-motivated to fill your vacancies and impress you, so you use them again and again, and they make a good return on their investment. 

Alternatively, call us now on: 0161 300 7235

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Average time-to-hire on Hiring Hub's marketplace from Jan 2017-Jan 2018 was 20 days, versus an industry average of 68 days according to a recent survey by CEB Global/Gartner. Now, stop reading the small print and schedule your demo - let's do this!   :-)