Agency Q&A: GK Recruitment

“I make one placement and it covers my subscription for the whole year!”

Having joined Hiring Hub in August 2016, we caught up with Earlan Kirwin, an IT Consultant at GK Recruitment to get his thoughts on all-things Hiring Hub…

What inspired you to use Hiring Hub?

The volume and variety of roles that Hiring Hub had were appealing to me. I’m not a sales person myself, with my background being in IT, so the idea that I could practically outsource sales to Hiring Hub was appealing when I first decided to try recruitment and marry my IT knowledge and skills with recruitment through Hiring Hub. It also wasn’t expensive and the value for money is great, because you get back what you put in.

How has the team at Hiring Hub helped you?

They give me the inside track on the clients, and specific vacancies. The good thing is, I can ring up my Relationship Manager and say “oh I like the look of this role, what do you think? Have I got a good chance of getting on this role, how many people are working on this role? etc” And if it’s tailored to my skillset, I try my hardest to get engaged on that role and then produce some quality candidates for the client. I tend to speak to my Relationship Manager every day.

So how are you finding Hiring Hub so far?

Great. I love the variety of roles that come through. GK Recruitment specialises in IT and Sales and I know that Hiring Hub engage with clients that have got a variety of roles tailored to our market. I’m already currently engaged on a couple of roles with one particular large IT employer, so I love it!

Is the platform easy to use?

Yes, it’s very easy to use and I love the recent update where you can collect customer reviews and get a rating, so I’ll be pushing to make a lot more placements and get my feedback rating up! I also enjoy the instant access I can get to jobs with my plan, so I can start working on roles straight away.

What would you say is the biggest benefit when using Hiring Hub?

For recruiters, it’s a great additional revenue stream. There’s not a big cost involved and, at the end of the day, you can make one placement that will cover your fee with Hiring Hub for six months, or even for a year, so it the rate of return is really good.

So you’d recommend it?

Definitely. If I know anyone starting off in recruitment, I direct them to Hiring Hub. It’s a great platform with a variety of different roles depending on which niche you’re working in.

Describe what Hiring Hub does for you in three words…

Makes life easy.

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