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10 myths about entrepreneurs

Think you know what an entrepreneur is? Most of us would claim we do. That it’s “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.” (Thanks, Google.) But what about everything else we’ve come to expect – the broad strokes of paint the media uses to give…

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What to expect when you join a start-up

Fancy working in a start-up or early stage company but not sure what to expect? I took the plunge and joined Hiring Hub in January this year. I’d previously been enjoying an illustrious career as a grouse beater (Google it), so the move to Manchester for a sales role at a start-up seemed like natural…

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What is the antonym of an entrepreneur and why does it matter?

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, and granted it’s a great time to be one. But what is one? Entrepreneur what? Entrepreneur who? ‘To entrepreneur’. No that doesn’t work. It’s definitely not a verb then. THE ANTONYM OF ENTREPRENEUR In the film The Magic of Belle Isle, Morgan Freeman plays the character of a writer who is charged…

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