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What are the best snacks to serve at an office meeting?

Meetings… they can be very dull. And that’s why delicious snacks are necessary; they motivate people to attend. Here’s our pick of the top meeting snacks. TOP 10 MEETING SNACKS TO PROVIDE AT AN OFFICE MEETING: 1. Prozac. This is particularly appropriate for a Monday morning meeting. Sugarcoat it by inserting a dose into a doughnut. Caffeine…

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Infographic: The UK employment landscape

As 2013 draws to a close, we take a look back at how the UK’s employment sector fared over the year, exploring the facts and figures that make up the sector. Our infographic then looks forward to 2014 and predictions for growth. We also give some useful hints on the sectors expected to grow next year….

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The pros and cons of using social media to recruit

Thinking of using social media as part of your recruitment strategy, but want to know a bit more about what you’re getting yourself into first? Keep reading to explore the pros and cons with us. FREE! I think that there’s definitely a place for social media in recruitment, and it is also my belief that that…

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