The 5 least important factors candidates consider in a new role

What makes a candidate decide to jump ship from their current role and become the new kid in the office? Improved pay, job title, responsibility, security, work/life balance, progression? Sounds about right?

Factors to consider when looking for a new job
What if we were to tell you that some of the above came in the bottom 5 reasons candidates have for changing roles?

A recent survey by LinkedIn into job satisfaction and the number of working people actively seeking employment elsewhere, revealed some interesting findings. When looking for a new role, the top motivators for looking for a new role include progression, pay, opportunities and challenges. Quite obvious, you might suggest.

The least important factors might surprise you though…

  1. Improved job title
  2. Better office location
  3. Increased job security
  4. Stronger relationship with manager
  5. More impactful role

So, it appears job seekers are a modest bunch, with job title being the least important factor when looking for a new role. We also don’t mind slogging it out on a long commute. Or risking it in a job you could potentially lose in a few months.

Things to consider when looking for a new job
Obviously this is taking the list a little too literally. We should, in fact, understand that despite these being the least important factors for consideration, they are still considered. A better job title or a reduced commute are secondary to the primary drivers people have for seeking new employment. They’re a bonus, so shouldn’t be focused on solely by prospective employers.

The moral of this story? To attract the best candidates to a role, focus on progression opportunities, pay and a challenging role. Don’t focus on improved job titles. Or bang on about your flashy city centre office.

Focus on what’s important and how you can benefit them, but don’t forget you’ll need to make sure you ask the right questions at interview too.How_to_improve_company_culture