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Recruiting? Claim your FREE trial

Claim your FREE trial

Hiring Hub is offering all users of WebContractor a free trial of its recruitment agency marketplace. Use

Hiring Hub’s marketplace to:

  1. Find top quality candidates for hard-to-fill roles
    Quickly widen your candidate search through easy access to rated and reviewed recruiters

  2. Fix recruitment agency fees upfront
    Set the fee you’d be willing to pay a recruiter if they found your dream candidate

  3. Manage recruiters and payments on one platform
    Manage your recruitment process, comms, and payments on one easy-to-use platform

What is a recruitment agency marketplace?

Trusted by 600+ employers

The marketplace is your gateway to a network of rated and reviewed recruiters. Companies use it to take the

hassle out of finding and working with specialist recruiters, helping them find candidates for hard-to-fill jobs, faster.

The smarter way to find and work with top recruitment agencies

Set your recruiter fee upfront for total clarity.

Peace of mind 100% money back guarantee.

Bring your own recruiters to the party. Upload your PSL.

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“It takes all the admin and headache out of finding and managing recruitment agencies. We simply post our jobs, select the agencies, and we often have candidates to review within hours.”

Steve Oliver, CEO of Music Magpie

“Hiring Hub's marketplace makes recruiting an easy and positive experience. We always receive high quality candidates quickly."

Selina Noton, Anchor Safety