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  • Android Developer


    £45k salary / 20% fee

    19 Days to Hire

  • Head of Sales


    £50k salary / 17.5% fee

    22 Days to Hire

  • Service Engineer


    £36k salary / 15% fee

    13 Days to Hire

  • Finance Director


    £95k salary / 20% fee

    20 Days to Hire

  • Python Developer

    St Albans, Hertfordshire

    £45k salary / 18% fee

    21 Days to Hire

  • Senior Auditor


    £60k salary / 15% fee

    16 Days to Hire

  • Head of Content

    Shoreditch, London

    £50k salary / 15% fee

    19 Days to Hire

  • Lead Developer


    £75k salary / 20% fee

    15 Days to Hire

  • Quantity Surveyor


    £40k salary / 15% fee

    21 Days to Hire

  • Store Manager


    £28k salary / 12.5% fee

    8 Days to Hire

  • Business Analyst

    London Bridge

    £42k salary / 15% fee

    12 Days to Hire

Job filled

  • TechHub

    27 jobs filled, 8 live jobs

  • Obscurant Recruitment

    47 jobs filled, 12 live jobs

  • Dean Personnel

    12 jobs filled, 5 live jobs

  • RSO Ltd

    40 jobs filled, 8 live jobs

  • Zebra Talent

    3 jobs filled, 4 live jobs

  • Jagger Talent

    86 jobs filled, 6 live jobs

  • Solid Recruit

    39 jobs filled, 5 live jobs

  • FT Recruit

    12 jobs filled, 2 live jobs

  • Expert Hiring

    10 jobs filled, 3 live jobs

  • NMS Recruit

    10 jobs filled, 6 live jobs


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Your questions answered...

How much does it cost to post a job?

It’s free to post a job and use our online platform and service (you get a dedicated account manager who's on hand to help you). You do, however, have to pay the recruiter a fee if you decide to hire a candidate they submit. For transparency, you set the fee you’re willing to pay a headhunter upfront, when you post your job. (If you don’t hire, you don’t pay anything.)

What fee should I set for headhunters?

It depends on the industry sector, location, seniority of role, etc. A good cross-sector barometer is 15-25% of the candidate’s salary. Too low and you won't attract the best headhunters, particularly in specialist sectors. You want to ensure your job gets attention from the best recruiters, and motivates them to submit their best candidates.

How does Hiring Hub make its money?

Headhunters within our network use Hiring Hub as a business development tool and pay us a monthly subscription fee to access our marketplace, hence they're super-motivated to fill your vacancies and impress you, so you use them again and again, and they make a good return on their investment.

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  • “Great service provided by hiring hub, really helped our business grow”

    Derick Brown

    2 days ago

  • “Great service provided by hiring hub, really helped our business grow”

    Derick Brown

    2 days ago

  • “Great service provided by hiring hub, really helped our business grow”

    Derick Brown

    2 days ago

  • “Great service provided by hiring hub, really helped our business grow”

    Derick Brown

    2 days ago

  • 9.4

  • “Great service provided by hiring hub, really helped our business grow”

    Derick Brown

    2 days ago

  • "Hiring Hub has been a great find, helping us fill over 40 jobs quickly and develop relationships with some fantastic specialist recruitment agencies that weren't on our radar. I love it."

    Nigel Taylor Manager at Autocab

  • "We used to spend so much time managing agencies; Hiring Hub centralises everything and makes communicating with them so much easier and more pleasant. We've never looked back.”

    Jennifer Hulme Head of HR at MID Communications

  • "We've used Hiring Hub's marketplace for over two years, filling more than 50 positions, and it consistently delivers quality candidates, quickly, for sales, finance, IT, and customer service roles."

    Katie Driver Executive Assistant at Sykes Cottages

  • "We get high calibre candidates through Hiring Hub, the team there are friendly and always willing to help. It's a great service and an exciting idea. Very much recommended!"

    Lauren Burns European Talent Team at BASF

  • "We've used Hiring Hub for both sales and IT roles. It's always delivered. Given it's free to try I can't see why anyone wouldn't give it a go?!”

    Justin Yates Founder of Huddled