How to build culture

Take a look around. What’s it like in your office? Are people wandering round looking like silent zombies, afraid to speak out or, dare we say it, have fun?

Developing a good office culture will help create a more productive atmosphere and encourage teams to work better together. They’ll be more enthusiastic. More effective. And your business will grow.

So how exactly can you go about improving your office culture?

Unfortunately, it’s not something that you can change overnight. It takes time, but stick with it.

Community spirit

Build a team with strong relationships by promoting a culture of sharing. Encourage colleagues to share conversations, go out for lunch and enjoy celebrations together. Plan team outings so your team can bond outside of the office and get to know each other on a more personal level. After all, Monday mornings are much more enjoyable when you enjoy the company of the people you work with.

Witness the fitness

It’s been scientifically proven that people are happier and work more effectively when they’re getting enough exercise and living healthily. So why not promote healthy lifestyles in your office? Ask people to get on their bikes instead of driving to work. Introduce a lunchtime running club. Or provide free fruit for employees so they don’t gorge themselves on chocolates and biscuits. Not only will your employees benefit – your business will too.

Amazing spaces

No one likes sitting in an uninspiring office, with grey walls, grey carpet, uncomfortable grey chairs and no natural light.

Furniture, lighting and décor make all the difference. They can be used to inspire a more creative workplace, where employees really think outside the box. If you’ve got the space, break-out areas are a great way of getting teams together to work on different projects.

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could always get a slide between floors.

From the horse’s mouth

We recently spoke with a number of UK business leaders, including ex-CEO of Dyson, Martin McCourt, about the importance of culture in a business.

“I have witnessed how some businesses can get this so wrong. When that happens they end up with a workforce keen to go somewhere else to excel.

“I know how effective a positive, adventurous, successful, challenging and maybe even dangerous culture can be in locking people in.”

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