How to screw up recruitment

We’ve talked extensively in the past about how important it is to hire the right person first time, and the implications of getting it wrong. So important in fact, we even commissioned some independent research about it.

Getting someone’s feet under the desk as quickly as possible might seem like it’s the top priority, but in reality you need to focus more on the person you’re hiring. Make sure they’re perfect for the role and your business is perfect for them.


If you’re intent on getting it right, you’ll do well to avoid making any of the following mistakes:

1. More haste, less speed

The pressure might be mounting, but that shouldn’t mean you plump for the first (unsuitable) candidate that walks through your door. Recruitment can take time, so it’s important to exercise some patience (although there are certain tools available that provide access to top talent without compromising on speed). It’ll be worth it in the long run when you hire a star employee who stays for the long haul, rather than an underqualified, commitment fearing mistake.

Exercise patience when recruiting


2. Part of the furniture 

Hiring candidates with the right skills and great experience is important, but shouldn’t be the be all and end all. They could have the best qualifications but you’ll need to seriously consider whether they’ll fit with your company culture. Will they fit in with other employees, or have the right attitude with clients? Personality could be equally as important as their qualifications or experience.

3. Don’t skip on the details

Vague job descriptions will only serve to invite a huge number of irrelevant candidates to apply for a role, which in reality, is completely outside of their capabilities. Provide as much detail as you can and be specific about what you need to bring into the business. Mention the characteristics you’re looking for, after all cultural fit is really important too, right!?!

Recruit more relevant candidates


4. Limiting your search

There’s a huge number of candidates out there, but it’s so easy to miss them because you’ve limited your search. Don’t simply stick to one channel when recruiting. Agencies offer you access to huge databases of pre-qualified candidates. But why limit yourself to the services of just one agency. Using tools like Hiring Hub will give you access to the candidates of a community of recruitment agencies, without having to brief them all individually.

5. What do others think?

Skipping reference checks is counter productive, but it happens all the time. It’s really important to hear what previous employers think about a candidate, as it’ll give you a good understanding of how they’re likely to perform in your business and if they have that all important fit. It’ll also give you peace of mind that they’ve not lied throughout their CV, just to get a foot in the door.

If you’re still struggling with recruitment, then speak to one of our experts. We’re here to make you feel good about recruitment. So whether you’ve struggled in the past or your currently having trouble filling a role, then give us a call (0161 300 7235) and we’ll be on hand with some top advice.