HR must evolve or it may die

Occasionally, we get a bit frustrated with the mindset of those responsible for recruiting within an organisation — more often than not a company’s HR department — when they are reluctant to try something new. Something like our online recruitment marketplace.

We understand that what we do is different. Very different. For many years, companies have a technical vacancy they have to fill, and they’ll either: 1) call a trusted recruitment supplier that they’ve worked with before; or 2) find, meet, and agree terms and remuneration with a new supplier.

We challenge that, and ask “why?”. The world is changing. The Internet is speeding up the way we do business, accelerating transactions and relationships, and it can work in recruitment too, just as it does in other industries.

I mean, if you want a takeaway these days you visit JustEat. If you’re booking a hotel it’s LateRooms. Insurance? No worries, try Gocompare or MoneySuperMarket. Flights? Sky Scanner.

These technology companies make our lives easier. Hiring Hub applies the exact same principle to recruitment. Why restrict your candidate search to one recruitment agency’s database when you can access over 800 agencies’ databases in hours and through a single point of contact?

Why spend weeks finding, meeting. agreeing terms and awkwardly negotiating fees with multiple recruitment agencies when Hiring Hub bypasses that process?

And why worry which recruitment agency submits the best candidate — surely you just want the best candidate, and quickly? We deliver that, and fast.

Hence it’s frustrating when our sales team hit a brick wall. Especially when you consider that using the online recruitment marketplace costs nothing.We, like JustEat, LateRooms, Gocompare, Moneysupermarket and Sky Scanner make our money by taking a small cut from the supplier – so it costs you , the consumer, nothing. Why wouldn’t you give it a go?

It benefits the suppliers too. Yes we take a percentage of their fee, but they wouldn’t have had the business or relationship without us. We’re delivering our network of recruitment agencies constant new business on a plate, just like JustEat deliver pizza outlets more orders. So it’s win-win. Everybody’s happy.

Companies must evolve, or they die. It is that simple. Those that don’t innovate, embrace and adopt new technology, fall away and get swallowed up by more nimble competitors. You only need look at the admin-graveyard — home to the likes of ex-high street giants Woolworths and HMV — to understand that.

The words “but we’ve always done it this way” are to a CEO what sharks are to a seal pup — perhaps the biggest threat to their respective survival. Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, said: “What’s dangerous is not to evolve…”

To keep doing the same things, because you’ve always done them that way, is lethal. We must adapt. Try new things. Change.

Take a look at the graphic below. Borrowed from WebFail and sourced from the experiments of Harry Harlow and his associates at the Primate Laboratory of the University of Wisconsin; described in the textbook Principles of General Psychology (1980 John Wiley and Sons).

(Source: Less Is More)

Scientists put five monkeys in a cage with a ladder and a pile of bananas. Then monitored their behaviour. The results are predictable, if a little brutal. Chimp behaviour is no different to human behaviour.

While uncomfortable (the poor monkeys), it serves as a useful reminder that, falling into a habit just because it’s the way things have always been done is lazy and, like Bezos said, dangerous.

And it’s leaders, like Bezos, that must take responsibility for ensuring that message is distributed throughout their business, from the CFO to CTO, HR director to Marketing Manager — everyone MUST embrace the new. Trial new tech. Test fresh ideas. Adopt new strategies.

Failure to do so will result in extinction.

So if you work in HR and you haven’t seen Hiring Hub in action, take an online demo today and, with an open mind, give it a whirl. We promise you won’t be disappointed.