It’s Hiring Hub, but not as you know it

I know what you’re thinking. Something’s different. Things have changed around here haven’t they?

In the famous words of Ozzy Osbourne, ‘we’re going through changes’. At Hiring Hub we like to move with the times. We’re not the types to get left behind. Far from it. In fact we’re the ones keen to change the world. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it.

Ok maybe not the world, but certainly the way recruiters and employers interact with each other. The recruitment world. We’ll change that and then see what we can do for the wider population.

So what do you think to the new site? You’ve probably noticed it’s had a new lick of paint. But that’s not all. We’ve also added some useful new content, including FAQs for recruiters and more detail about how Hiring Hub can help you.

We’ve also got some fantastic guides coming your way, including how to avoid hiring the next Hannibal Lecter. After all, no one wants to have to deal with casual cannibalism first thing on a Monday morning. Urgh, so tedious.


Hiring Hub Dashboard - fill a vacancy online, fast
Our biggest update comes in the form of a shiny new dashboard for our customers. We’ve added loads of fantastic new features for you. From a simplified dashboard layout, to and improved internal messaging system to make communication between recruiters and employers that much easier..

This is really just the beginning. Over the next few months we’ll deliver a series of regular updates and improvements to help you find the best talent, and hire it faster.

We’d love to here your feedback on the new site and the new dashboard features. Leave a comment below.