How to make over £100k a year on Hiring Hub

Q&A: Heather Maxfield, Obscurant Recruitment, Knutsford.

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To understand why recruitment agencies use Hiring Hub and what they think of the platform and service, we interviewed some of our community’s long-standing members. Heather Maxfield of Obscurant Recruitment has been working with Hiring Hub since January 2015, making over 50 placements on the marketplace, and billing over £100k in 2017. Here’s what she had to say about the marketplace…

How did you hear about Hiring Hub?

“Word of mouth. An ex-employee of mine at Spring got in contact and mentioned that she’d gone in-house and was setting up a PSL and that she’d been using Hiring Hub as an interim solution. She asked if I’d be interested in working with her via Hiring Hub, so I contacted the team at Hiring Hub and spoke to one of the Relationship Managers, who guided me through the whole process. It seemed straightforward. A no brainer, really.”

What made you give Hiring Hub a go?

“From my perspective, it’s a great way to boost my billings. The packages available are very affordable and I have the freedom to choose the roles I want to work on. But aside from that, it was also the support from the Hiring Hub team, who I can always turn to see what vacancies are “hot”, how placements could work and how I can move forwards.”

It’s great to hear our team are so supportive. How has their help been beneficial vs the more traditional recruitment process?

“They take a proper briefing from the employer to qualify the job, so 85% of the criteria has already been clarified by the Relationship Managers through the Hiring Hub platform, so it’s a much quicker, smarter process. Hiring Hub have got direct contact with employers who are happily posting jobs on the platform.”

How easy was it make your first placement through Hiring Hub? 

“Erm, very! Ha ha. The recruitment industry isn’t just about being proactive but also reactive too. So time is always of the essence, and because you’ve got good quality jobs on there, if you work on the roles when they come in and have good candidates, then it’s a no brainer – you’ll make placements!”

What’s the biggest benefit to using Hiring Hub? 

“Well it’s got to be the result at the end of it – the money! But basically, I love that you get out of it what you put into it, literally. If you don’t want to work a role then you don’t.”

On the subject of money, you billed over £100,000 on the platform in 2017. Does that figure surprise you?

Yes and no. We’ve had a really successful year with Hiring Hub and I am of course delighted. I’m positive 2018 will be equally as good, if not better given Hiring Hub’s growth plans.

You said that Hiring Hub used to account for about a quarter of your billings, is that still the case? 

I said that in 2016, but I would say this has actually increased to half of my billings this year, which is obviously a good increase on the year before.

Have you met many new employers through Hiring Hub?

Yes. We’ve been introduced to a lot more clients, some of which we have become preferred suppliers. Given there is scope to constantly meet new employers through the platform, coupled with Hiring Hub’s plans for growth in the future, I’ll be looking to increase my headcount next year and grow my business off the back of it. I’m looking forward to Hiring Hub adding contract roles to its marketplace too. Happy days!

Would you recommend it to others?

Absolutely. I just think it’s a bit of a no brainier. If you’re a good recruiter, you can make yourself a lot of money, very much so.

How would you describe what Hiring Hub does for you in three words?

Excellent customer service.

Tell us one thing that no-one knows about you?

Before I went into recruitment, I was going to go join the police force!

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