Why we love recruitment agencies (and you should too)

We think recruitment consultants get a bit of raw deal. They’re often not seen in the most favourable light. But we thought it was about time we heaped some praise on that merry bunch.

After all thousands of people each year rely on them to help find a new role. Yet still the animosity continues.

Here at Hiring Hub we love recruitment agencies. Why wouldn’t we? Aside from the fact that we wouldn’t be in business without them, there are a number of other reasons we love them (and so should you)…

1. Top talent

Where else will you find the pool of talent that recruiters have access to. You might find a pool, but it won’t be filled with a bevvy of beautiful*, pre-qualified talent that meets your exact requirements. Recruitment agencies will save you time and wasted resource assessing and filtering potential candidates, and serve you only the best. On a gold platter.

* We can’t guarantee beauty.

Do I really need to use a recruitment agency?

2. The knowledge

No, not the exam taxi drivers in London have to take. They probably won’t be able to get you back to your quaint cul-de-sac in Richmond, but they do have an exceptional knowledge of the market. From salaries and skills availability, to candidate expectations and the state of the market. The best recruitment agencies will act as your eyes and ears in the trenches and then come back with first class advice and insight.

3. Brand

Good recruiters will sell in your business with real insight – the culture, benefits and progression opportunities. They should represent your company as if they are one of your actual employees. Not only does this reflect well on your brand, but it also saves you time at interview as the candidate should then be well prepared.

4. Skillsets

So you work in a niche sector? That’s no issue. It’s more than likely that there will be recruitment agencies out there to fill your role. Again saving you time and effort while you search for that elusive new hire that you “just can’t find”.

5. Show me the money

It might sound strange to mention money as a top reason for using a recruitment agency. After all, they’re hugely expensive, right?

Should I use a recruitment agency?
Well, it depends how you look at it. If you approach it from the view that the amount of time, effort and resource used to find that perfect candidate is being handled by someone else, leaving you to your normal day job, then you might find it’s worth it. Not to mention the networks of candidates they have access to.

If keeping a lid on costs is your concern then get in contact with us here at Hiring Hub. We provide a free to use service where you set the fee you’re happy to pay for a role. If recruitment agencies like the look of your role and have candidates, then they will get in contact. Win win.

You can request a demo here.