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“Hiring Hub is a great source of additional revenue” - Rachel Dunne, Owner, Adria Solutions

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“You get out of it what you put in. As a pro member I’ve billed over £250k on Hiring Hub in the last two years!"

Heather Maxfield, MD at Obscurant Recruitment

We ❤️ recruitment agencies

Hiring Hub was built to champion specialist recruitment agencies, and help employers find and work with the best in their sector.

We aim to democratise the industry; giving specialist recruiters access to vacancies that, traditionally, may have gone to larger agencies.

Using data and reviews, we aspire to place trust at the heart of our marketplace, shining a light on the performance of professional recruiters.


Grow your fee income and develop your reputation with qualitative metrics and client reviews.

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"There’s always plenty of jobs to choose from in our sector. We made six placements in our first six months."

Rachel Shepherd, MD at Orchard Recruitment Ltd

Got a question?

  • How much is annual membership?

    Recruitment agencies can choose from three annual membership packages, which you can pay upfront for the best value, or monthly to support cashflow. The minimum investment is £349 a month. Sadly we cannot offer a free trial period or discounted rates, as this is unfair on our members who have invested and are fully-committed to helping us create the best recruiter marketplace in Europe.
  • How much money do members make?

    It depends how they use it. Some of our members use Hiring Hub as one of their core income channels, will routinely make two or three placements per month, and can bill more than £100,000 per year on the platform. Others see it as a complementary channel to their direct client work, and will dip in and out of it when it suits them. These members may make a placement every other month. The typical placement fee on the marketplace is 15.2%, so even casual members that only make three or four placements a year get a good annual return on their investment, while maturing their profile and collecting reviews from employers and candidates to develop their reputation within the marketplace.
  • If I don't have any reviews, am I at a disadvantage?

    We could lie and say “no” but, yes, you are at a slight disadvantage in your first month (or so) over recruitment agencies with proven metrics, historic placement history, and employer reviews. However, we work closely with new members to get them successful on the marketplace and proactively encourage employers to work with them. We want you to be successful and remain a member of Hiring Hub for years, so our goals’ are aligned and we’ll invest lots of energy to get you up and running and successful.
  • How many recruitment agencies work on each brief?

    Employers can select sole or multiple agencies. If the latter, we recommend they select no more than three recruitment agencies. Our data shows that, in most circumstances, engaging more than three agencies has little impact on conversion rate.
  • Do I get to speak to employers directly?

    Our goal is to use technology to facilitate better relationships between employers and recruitment agencies, so we definitely don’t prevent you from having a direct relationship with employers. We do, however, let the employers determine how they wish to communicate with agencies and have built tools – like direct messaging – to support fast and direct communication.
  • What’s the most a recruiter has made on Hiring Hub?

    The highest biller in 2018 made £157k of placements on the marketplace on top of their direct work. They’re an independent, specialist recruitment agency with five consultants and this represented circa 20% of their fee income last year. The most a recruiter has made in one month on Hiring Hub is £26,000, which came from two placements. These records will no doubt be broken as our community of members grows.
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  • “Great service provided by hiring hub, really helped our business grow”

    Derick Brown

    2 days ago

  • “Great service provided by hiring hub, really helped our business grow”

    Derick Brown

    2 days ago

  • “Great service provided by hiring hub, really helped our business grow”

    Derick Brown

    2 days ago

  • “Great service provided by hiring hub, really helped our business grow”

    Derick Brown

    2 days ago

  • 9.4

  • “Great service provided by hiring hub, really helped our business grow”

    Derick Brown

    2 days ago

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  • "We generated over £150,000 on Hiring Hub in 2018, which complements our core, direct client business. For the cost of membership, the ROI is incredible."

    Heather Maxfield Owner of Obscurant Recruitment

  • "I made five placements in my first year. For the monthly outlay, it feels like a no brainer. My first placement more than covered an entire year's membership!”

    Earlan Kirwan Associate Consultant at GK Recruitment

  • "You get out of Hiring Hub what you put in. I've been on it for four years and consistently generate over £50,000 a year on the platform. Why wouldn't you do that?!"

    Matt Jagger Owner of Jagger Talent

  • "The game is changing and this is where I see the recruitment industry going. I want to make sure we're on the front foot of that shift. Worth every penny!”

    Danny Eccles Senior IT Consultant at Service Care Solutions

  • "Hiring Hub is fantastic. The customer service is superb; I can't recommend it enough. I have clients I work with directly, and use Hiring Hub during quieter periods or when a job comes along I have good candidates for."

    Nick Hewitt Director at Kode Consultancy