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Built for in-house recruitment teams seeking greater flexibility, visibility and control of third-party hiring across their organisation.

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Manage your PSL more efficiently, with Portal

Consolidate third-party recruitment activity on one Portal to track hiring metrics, monitor supplier performance and spend, accelerate compliant supplier onboarding, simplify invoicing/payments, and enhance your agency experience to improve your employer brand.

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Portal was created in partnership with companies that wanted to...

Get enhanced metrics, data and insights across all third-party recruitment

Accelerate new supplier onboarding to opportunistically secure the best talent

Stop wasting time time fielding recruiter cold calls and unsolicited CV submissions

Consolidate all the admin and comms associated with managing multiple suppliers

Keep recruitment in-house and scale hiring activity quickly without ramping fixed costs

Focus on improving employer brand through better agency/candidate experience

Client testimonials

When scaling operations in mainland Europe we needed a platform to help us deliver up to 900 software engineering jobs in 24 months. Portal fitted our requirement perfectly, allowing us to engage new suppliers quickly and compliantly to complement our PSL, while routing all jobs and comms through one system. We were able to scale hiring rapidly without growing our internal recruitment team, so it's proven an excellent solution.

Katarzyna Wnuk
Global Recruitment Manager, Mobica

Hiring Hub offers a fantastic solution for us, helping us onboard ad hoc, niche recruitment agencies really quickly for specialist roles, and work with those recruitment agencies compliantly.

SSE plc

A portal to manage all third-party recruitment activity


Route all third-party hiring through Portal to get real time visibility and reporting on your recruitment metrics, PSL activity and performance, and supplier spend.


Manage agencies more efficiently. Unlock time to focus on direct hiring by centralising agency admin & comms, accelerate onboarding, and stop fielding unsolicited calls.


Ensure all third-party suppliers are onboarded quickly, correctly and compliantly, and enjoy a single-vendor relationship with Hiring Hub to simplify invoicing and payments.


Find and work with new recruitment agencies on an ad hoc basis, compliantly. Scale recruitment activity in hours, without scaling fixed costs.


Deliver a better agency experience (and measure your NPS) to improve your candidate experience, enhance your employer brand, and ensure you see and win the best talent.

Introducing Portal

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A company-wide solution for the whole team

Increase capacity, productivity and performance:

  • Consolidate all recruitment agency admin & comms
  • Find/work with recruiters quickly & compliantly
  • Less time answering cold calls & managing a PSL
  • Get data & insights to drive smarter decision making
  • Measure PSL satisfaction & enhance employer brand

Achieve visibility of all third-party permanent recruitment:

  • Ensure compliance across all third-party hiring
  • Download reports on recruitment activity & spend
  • Reduce third-party recruitment agency spend
  • Increase the effectiveness of your direct hire strategy

One vendor for all third-party permanent recruitment:

  • Reduce third-party recruitment agency costs
  • Simplify invoicing & payments through one vendor
  • Benchmark salary & fee levels in real time
  • Visibility of company-wide activity & spend

Portal FAQs

What sort of data and insights will Portal provide?

Portal helps you capture and download reports on recruiting metrics such as time-to-hire, fill rate, gender diversity and spend, in addition to more focused insights that will help you manage your PSL more effectively and make data-led decisions, like: supplier interview rates, supplier fill rates, and even your team’s average response times. We’ll also survey your PSL to generate a Net Promoter Score (NPS) for your company, using this as a benchmark to improve the agency experience over time – if recruiters love working with you, you’re more likely to see their best (and happiest) candidates.

Can Portal integrate into my Applicant Tracking System?

Yes, you can choose to integrate Portal with your Applicant Tracking System or, if you prefer, login and maintain it as an independent platform. Integration is at additional cost, dependent on your ATS provider and the scope of work required. In lieu of an integration, we can also provide administrative support to move jobs and candidates between your ATS and Portal.

Is it possible access Hiring Hub's marketplace to discover new recruitment agencies?

Yes, when posting a brief for recruitment agencies you can choose to send it to your entire PSL, specific PSL agencies, and/or push it to Hiring Hub’s marketplace to discover specialist, niche recruitment agencies to broaden your candidate search. The marketplace is a dynamic platform that works quickly, so it may help you judge your PSL’s performance by running searches in parallel.

How much does Portal cost and is there a minimum term contract?

Pricing is based on capacity, and anchored predominantly to:

  1. How many active vacancies you’re likely to have live on your Portal at any one moment in time.
  2. How many recruitment agencies you will be onboarding onto Portal.
  3. How many internal users (HR/TA, hiring managers, procurement) you require.
  4. Whether you require integration into an ATS, or administrative support.
  5. Territories covered

Ultimately, from a cost-per-hire perspective the cost is minimal. We’ve designed Portal so that the reduction in third-party agency costs married to productivity savings will more than cover the cost of the platform; at worst the cost will be neutral, but most companies will make significant savings.

Contracts are typically 36 months. However, we have clients who require Portal for a one-off, large recruitment project (scaling operations in another territory, for example), which is possible on a shorter-term contract with minimal setup and implementation. To get a better understanding of the cost of Portal for your organisation, schedule a discovery call and we can undertake a full benefits and cost audit.

How long does implementation take?

This really is dependent on the size of your organisation and PSL, hiring levels, the degree to which configuration and integration is required, and the number of users and regions. It can range from a fortnight through to 15 weeks, but we centre it around our five-step implementation methodology, which we can share with you during the discovery and evaluation phase.

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