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"The marketplace has made recruiting easy. We've filled 50+ technical jobs over 2 years."

Nigel Taylor Autocab

The UK's #1 recruitment agency marketplace

  • Android Developer


    £65k salary / 15% fee

    19 Days to Hire

  • Head of Sales


    £75k salary / 17.5% fee

    22 Days to Hire

  • Service Engineer


    £40k salary / 15% fee

    13 Days to Hire

  • Finance Director


    £110k salary / 20% fee

    24 Days to Hire

  • Python Developer

    St Albans, Hertfordshire

    £55k salary / 15% fee

    21 Days to Hire

  • Senior Auditor


    £60k salary / 15% fee

    16 Days to Hire

  • Head of Content

    Shoreditch, London

    £46k salary / 15% fee

    19 Days to Hire

  • Lead Developer


    £70k salary / 15% fee

    19 Days to Hire

  • Quantity Surveyor


    £44k salary / 15% fee

    15 Days to Hire

  • Store Manager


    £32k salary / 12.5% fee

    9 Days to Hire

  • Business Analyst

    London Bridge

    £42k salary / 15% fee

    12 Days to Hire

Job filled

  • TechHub

    27 jobs filled, 8 live jobs

  • Obscurant Recruitment

    68 jobs filled, 6 live jobs

  • Dean Personnel

    12 jobs filled, 5 live jobs

  • RSO Ltd

    40 jobs filled, 8 live jobs

  • Zebra Talent

    3 jobs filled, 4 live jobs

  • Jagger Talent

    86 jobs filled, 6 live jobs

  • Solid Recruit

    39 jobs filled, 5 live jobs

  • FT Recruit

    12 jobs filled, 2 live jobs

  • Expert Hiring

    10 jobs filled, 3 live jobs

  • NMS Recruit

    10 jobs filled, 6 live jobs


What is a recruitment agency marketplace?

Hiring Hub’s marketplace is your gateway to the UK’s most active and powerful network of rated and reviewed, specialist, boutique recruitment agencies. Use it to take the hassle out of finding, working, and negotiating with recruiters to discover top talent for hard-to-fill jobs, faster.

Post a job

Trusted by more than 600 employers

Work with great recruiters to find top quality candidates, fast.

Widen your candidate search to discover off-market talent via the best boutique recruiters

Find better candidates, faster: 76% of jobs posted go to interview stage within 3 days

Start your free trial today and discover why Hiring Hub is rated the UK’s #1 recruiter marketplace

“Hiring Hub's marketplace makes recruiting an easy and positive experience. We always receive high quality candidates quickly. ”

Selina Noton, Anchor Safety

Fill your job in 4 easy steps

1. Post your job

Post your job and state the fee you’re willing to pay a recruitment agency, if they introduce you to a candidate you want to hire. We’ll help turn your job into an agency brief.

2. Approve recruiters

Recruitment consultants will ask permission to view your brief. You can visit their profiles, see their previous placements, performance data, and read reviews from other employers (and candidates). Those you approve can submit their best candidates.

3. Review candidates

Log in to your account to review CVs, message agencies, schedule interviews and manage the entire recruitment process online, away from your inbox!

4. Make an offer

When you hire a candidate, we’ll invoice for the fee you originally set on the candidate’s start date. (Don’t worry, if you don’t hire anyone, you won’t pay anything.)

“It takes all the admin and headache out of finding and managing recruitment agencies. We simply post our jobs, select the agencies, and we often have candidates to review within hours.”

Steve Oliver, CEO of Music Magpie

"Marketplaces offer convenience, speed, choice, and better value."

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Why (we believe) a recruiter marketplace is brilliant!

Find trusted agencies

View a recruiters’ successful placement record and performance metrics, and read reviews from employers and candidates to find the one(s) you want to work with.

Broaden your search

The marketplace is by far the most convenient and controlled way to widen a candidate search and discover off-market, passive candidates via specialist headhunters for hard-to-fill roles across the UK and Europe.

Accelerate hiring

A dynamic, active marketplace, you’ll regularly have quality candidates to review within hours of posting a job and approving recruiters. Indeed, three out of four jobs (76%) go to interview stage within three days.

Track metrics and performance

Get better data and insights on your recruitment activity, spend, and performance. Reference your metrics against our marketplace and wider industry benchmarks.

Streamline your process

Use the platform to centralise and consolidate recruitment agency management and communication to streamline your recruitment process in the cloud, away from your inbox.

Employer testimonials

At BASF, we consistently get high calibre engineering candidates through the marketplace, and quickly too. The team at Hiring Hub are friendly, and always willing to help. It's a great service and an exciting idea. Very much recommended - try it!

Lauren Burns
European Talent Team, BASF

The marketplace has been a huge help during our busiest recruitment drives. We've filled more than 80 jobs across sales, IT, marketing, finance, and operations, so Hiring Hub has proven to be an outstanding recruitment partner to support Sykes Cottage's growth.

Katie Driver
Sykes Cottages

The marketplace is simple and easy to use, and the Hiring Hub team are a fantastic help throughout. At first I thought it would be an issue for the agencies to get a feel for our business and the way in which we operate, but creating a good brief that was passed on to each recruiter proved invaluable in order to get the right candidates. I most definitely recommend Hiring Hub's marketplace to internal recruitment teams, we're over the moon with the process.

Hannah Cumpsty
Daisy Corporate Services

Recruitment stars! The team are consistently friendly, helpful and professional, and I know I we'll receive plenty of quality candidates so the marketplace is now my go-to service for recruitment. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Vision Mental Health

The team at Hiring Hub deliver great customer service, and the marketplace platform takes all the hassle out of agency recruitment. Highly recommended.

Sophie McAdam
Digital Theatre

Marketplace FAQs

How much does it cost to post a job on the marketplace?

It costs £159 to post a job. For this, we’ll help you create a brief and select recruiters, consolidate communication with agencies, schedule interviews, and help with admin. Some clients like that we help them manage themselves!


What is the candidate's rebate period?

As with everything Hiring Hub, we’ve tried to keep the candidate’s rebate period really simple and transparent. It lasts for 60 days from the candidate’s start date. If a candidate doesn’t work out during this period, subject to our marketplace Terms of Business (you can read them here), you will be refunded as follows:

  • 0-45 days – 100% of the Placement Fee.
  • 46-60 days – 50% of the Placement Fee.

What placement fee should I set to incentivise recruiters?

It’s a dynamic marketplace and fees can vary widely depending on sectors, location, market conditions, seniority of role, etc. If you’re unsure, or simply want some impartial advice, call us on: 0161 300 7235. Our customer team are experts, with deep knowledge of the marketplace, its recruiter community, and the wider recruitment industry so they’re able to share market intelligence with you in real time and offer benchmarks while advising on best practice.

How many recruitment agencies should I engage on a role?

We recommend no more than three. Recruiters have to weigh up not only the fee you’re willing to pay, but also how likely it is they’ll get that fee before requesting to work on a job. If you engage too many recruiters, the likelihood of them getting a fee gets smaller, reducing their appetite to throw the kitchen sink at your candidate search. If, however, they’re confident they can find great candidates, there’s a strong chance they’ll get the fee, and you engage with them throughout the process you’re much more likely to get a positive result.

What type of jobs get filled on the marketplace?

The marketplace was built to connect employers to specialist recruitment consultants, so typically jobs are white collar and technical in nature where specific experience is required. We have recruitment consultants covering all areas of the UK and Europe, across the majority of sectors, including: IT & Digital, Finance & Accounting, Engineering & Manufacturing, Construction & Rail, HR & Legal, Sales & Marketing, Executive, Retail, Property and Pharma.

Our three top performing sectors in terms of jobs posted during the last 12 months have been Digital & IT, Sales & Marketing, and Engineering & Manufacturing. We keep an up-to-date management dashboard of key marketplace information, which has lots of data on sectors, fill rates, recruitment agency coverage, etc. We can share with you when setting up your account.

Does Hiring Hub vet recruitment agencies to ensure quality?

We do, yes. We speak to every recruiter that wishes to become a member to find out more about them, and to give them some insight into how we work and what we expect from them.

Once an agency is approved, the platform monitors their activity and performance (how many jobs do they work on, how many CVs do they submit per job, how many of those candidates get to first interview, second interview, offer stage, etc.) This, married to any verified marketplace reviews they collect from employers and/or candidates, influences their profile score and gives you a good idea on who might be able to find you the best candidates.

Can all the recruiters see my vacancy and contact details?

No. When you upload a job to the marketplace we keep your details anonymous; agencies can only see limited information, like the job title, location, sector, salary, and the fee you’ve set. Only the recruiters you approve to work on your vacancy can view the full job brief, and your details. 

If I upload a job will I be inundated with CVs?

No, you can decide how many CVs each recruitment agency you engage with is able to submit. So you can approve, say, three recruitment agencies to work on your vacancy, but only let them submit two candidates each. So you’ll get a maximum shortlist of six candidates to review. 

Can I add more than one user to my marketplace account?

Yes, you can add unlimited users to your company’s account. This can centralise your company’s recruitment activity, allowing hiring managers to login, view and review CVs, too.

If you need any help setting up, call our support team: 0161 300 7235 or use the website’s Live Chat function (at the bottom right-hand corner of your dashboard), which will connect you straight to us so we can help.

What happens if I receive the same candidate from two different recruitment agencies?

There is a digital footprint of each candidate submission, which are time stamped. Our Terms state that, provided the recruitment consultant correctly sought the Right to Represent the candidate, the consultant that submitted the candidate first “owns” the candidate, and the second submission will be marked as a duplicate.

Can I add my own PSL to Hiring Hub to keep everything in one place?

Yes. You can subscribe and use Hiring Hub as a recruitment agency management tool, allowing you to consolidate all third-party recruitment agency activity on one platform for greater visibility of metrics, performance and spend, rapid onboarding of new suppliers, and simplify payments and invoicing. Speak to us to learn more.

Meet our recruiters

We’ve met some fantastic new employers through Hiring Hub and, as a small business, it’s helped us grow revenue. I can’t recommend it enough.

Rachel Dunne
Owner, Adria Solutions

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Rebate Period

Up to 100% of the Placement Fee refunded if a candidate leaves within the first 60 days.

Hire now, pay later

Ask us about spreading the cost of hiring a new starter over six months.

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