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Access qualified jobs from top employers across a wide range of sectors to complement your direct client work and income.

“There's always plenty of jobs for us to choose from in our sector, which helped us make six placements in our first six months as members.”

Rachel Shepherd, Orchard Recruitment

Why become a member?

Make more placements and generate extra fee income to boost your annual billings

Access qualified briefs from hundreds of top employers with no outbound BD effort

Collect reviews from employers and candidates to enhance your reputation online

“You get out of Hiring Hub what you put in. Since joining in 2015, we have consistently billed over £100k a year on the platform. It’s a great source of additional revenue and takes away the hassle of business development. ”

Heather Maxfield, MD at Obscurant Recruitment

We love
recruitment agencies

Hiring Hub was built to champion specialist recruitment agencies, and help employers find and work with the best in their sector.

We aim to democratise the industry; giving boutique recruiters access to vacancies that, traditionally, may have gone to larger agencies.

Using data and reviews, we aspire to place trust at the heart of our marketplace, shining a light on the performance of professional recruiters.

Access qualified vacancies from some
of the UK's best employers

Recruiter testimonials

There’s always plenty of jobs to choose from in our sector, which helped us make six placements in our first six months as members!

Rachel Shepherd
Orchard Recruitment

The team at Hiring Hub always deliver a fantastic service and are on hand to provide support - they will always go the extra mile for you. I've been using Hiring Hub for years and I can't recommend it enough!

Jack Donohue
Fairmont Recruitment

Hiring Hub is a great source of additional revenue and fantastic way to connect with a whole network of employers and gain instant access to live qualified vacancies - taking away the headache of new business for us.

Rachael Dunne
Adria Solutions

The game is changing and this is where we see the recruitment industry going in the future, hence we wanted to get in now and start building our profile as I want to make sure we're on the front foot of that shift.

Danny Eccles
Service Care Solutions

The UK's #1 recruitment agency marketplace

Search the latest and hottest jobs

Find jobs by location or sector, discover the % fee employers will pay if they hire your candidate, and pitch to work jobs you believe you can fill. We’re here to help you through every step.

Work with great, motivated employers

Access a steady stream of qualified jobs from top employers. Impress them, and you can even be added to their Hiring Hub PSL to get notified each time the post a role.

Develop your online reputation

Build your Hiring Hub profile, keep your performance data and placement history in one place and collect verified reviews from employers and candidates to generate more business.

Join a community

Be part of something bigger. Join a membership community that’s flying the flag for boutique agencies by working to democratise the industry and improve recruiting for everyone.


How much is annual membership to the marketplace?

Take a look at what you could make with our ROI calculator found here.

Sadly we cannot offer a free trial period or discounted rates, as this is unfair on members who have invested and are fully-committed to helping us create the best recruiter marketplace in Europe.

How much money do your members make?

It depends how they use it. Some of our members use Hiring Hub’s recruitment agency marketplace as one of their core income channels, logging in daily and working c.2-3 roles a month. These will routinely make one or two placements per month, and can bill more than £100,000 per year on the platform. Others are in niche sectors where there’s fewer opportunities, but when they do arise they have less competition, while some see it simply as a neat way to top up their direct client work, and will dip in and out of it when it suits them. These members may make a placement every other month. The typical placement fee on the marketplace is 15%, so even casual members that only make three or four placements a year get a good return on their annual investment while developing their profile and collecting reviews from employers and candidates to build a strong reputation within the marketplace.

If I don't have any reviews, am I at a disadvantage?

We could lie and say “no” but, yes, you are at a slight disadvantage in your first month (or so) over recruitment agencies with proven metrics, historic placement history, and employer/candidate reviews. However, our customer success team works closely with new members to get them successful on the marketplace and proactively sponsor them, encouraging employers to work with them. We’re invested in making you successful because we want you to remain a Hiring Hub member for years, so our goals’ are totally aligned and we’ll commit lots of energy to get you up and running and billing within the first few months.

How many recruitment agencies work on each brief?

We encourage employers to put their jobs on Hiring Hub’s marketplace exclusively, and while they can decide to select sole or multiple agencies, if it’s the latter we recommend they engage no more than three recruitment agencies on a brief. Our data shows that, in most circumstances, engaging more than four agencies has little impact on conversion rate and beyond five it’s actually counterproductive, harming conversion rates.

Do I get to speak to employers directly?

Our goal is to use technology to facilitate better relationships between employers and recruitment agencies, so we definitely don’t prevent you from communicating directly with employers. We do, however, let the employers determine how and when they wish to communicate with agencies and have built tools – like direct messaging – within the app to support fast and direct communication between both parties, while our customer success team is in place to support and manage day-to-day enquiries.

What’s the most a recruiter has made on Hiring Hub?

The highest billing member made £157k of placements on the marketplace in 2018, on top of their direct work, which to this day is still a record (can you break it?!). They’re a specialist recruitment agency with five consultants and during that year this represented c.20% of their total annual fee income. During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, our top three members all billed over £50k (between March and December), so while activity on the marketplace was lower than normal, our members still made a good return on their membership fees. Indeed, one member made a £18k on the platform in 2020, which made a huge difference to them during a difficult period.

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