How BASF partnered with Hiring Hub 2019 to help find engineering staff in a new and innovative way.

About BASF

BASF is the largest chemical producer in the world. The BASF Group comprises of subsidiaries and joint ventures in more than 80 countries and operates six integrated production sites. They partnered with Hiring Hub back in November 2019 to help find engineering staff in a new and innovative way. Hiring Hub’s recruitment marketplace was built for in-house recruitment teams seeking greater speed, choice and flexibility in third- party hiring across their organisation

Hiring Hub has given BASF the ability to speed up and simplify their recruitment process by giving them a gateway to a powerful network of rated and reviewed specialist recruitment agencies.

Our recruitment agency marketplace took the hassle out of finding, working, and negotiating with recruiters meaning they discovered discovered top engineering talent, faster.


Access to a network of specialist agencies

No longer have to negotiate recruitment fees

Able to simplify and speed up recruitment process

Can compare agencies based on rating and reviews

Why BASF loves Hiring Hub

“At BASF, we consistently get high calibre engineering candidates through the marketplace, and quickly too. The team at Hiring Hub are friendly, and always willing to help. It’s a great service and an exciting idea. Very much recommended – try it!”

Lauren Burns
European Talent Team, BASF

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