Synthesis specialises in water treatment and disinfection to solve global water challenges

Synthesis specialise in water treatment and disinfection, operating in almost every industry where water treatment is required. Their regenerative chemistry empowers industries to significantly enhance water reusability and reduce reliance on harsh chemicals, revolutionising water treatment across all applications.

They partnered with Hiring Hub back in March 2023 to help them compliantly recruit for a range of Global Technical Sales and Business Development roles, after exhausting traditional recruitment methods. Hiring Hub helped them fill their first role in just 6 days!

Hiring Hub’s recruitment marketplace was built for in-house recruitment teams seeking greater speed, choice and flexibility in third-party hiring across their organisation.

Hiring Hub has given Synthesis the ability to speed up and simplify their recruitment process by giving them a gateway to a powerful network of rated and reviewed specialist recruitment agencies.

We took the hassle out of finding, working, and negotiating with recruiters meaning they discovered top talent, faster.

Able to find sales and business development talent quickly and efficiently

Simplify recruitment process

Took the hassle out of finding and negotiating with agencies

Able to speed up and simplify their recruitment process

Why Synthesis loves Hiring Hub

“I love Hiring Hub because you get great candidates, really quickly, and it just completely takes the hassle out of finding and managing recruiters ”

Emma Gibson
Operations Manager at Synthesis

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