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Getting the most from Hiring Hub – A guide for employers

So it has happened – you’ve got the spec, you’ve got the fee, and you’ve put the two together to create that good-looking job post on Hiring Hub. What next? Well, the marketplace will bring three parties together – the Brief, the Agency, and the Candidate. We’ll explain how to get the most out of…

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Why Hiring Hub’s betting on recruitment agencies

If I got £1 every time someone told me recruitment agencies will be extinct in a decade, or balderdash along those lines, I’d have at least £53. Probably more. And only because few are bold enough to say it to my face. Others think it – that I’m flogging the proverbial dead horse – but…

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Recruitment Agencies: A Changing of the Guard?

I was going to start this post with the words: “the recruitment market is changing” but realised that, not only is that a weak, dull, and uninspiring first sentence but, also, it completely misses the point. The market isn’t “changing”. It’s already changed. Yet nobody in recruitment is really talking about it… We started Hiring Hub way…

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Customer Q&A: Neopost

Neopost’s Resourcing Manager, Vicky Wright, has only recently starting using Hiring Hub’s marketplace (she posted her first job in November 2017, which she filled in eight days) so we grabbed her to find out why she gave it a go, and to get her initial thoughts on the platform, it’s community of recruitment agencies, and…

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Customer Q&A: MID Communications

A user since 2016, Jenn Hulme, Head of HR at MID Communications shares her thoughts on Hiring Hub. Can you remember what it was about Hiring Hub that first made you give it a go? I heard about it at the CIPD conference and I liked the concept. The secure barrier between the employers and…

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