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How recruiters can build a killer profile on Hiring Hub

Imagine this – an estate agent calls you to sell a house. They have a blurry picture of the front porch, and some half-baked description of the house’s features. Would you buy? First impressions count, and your profile will form the basis for the criteria on which you will be judged suitable to work on…

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Why Hiring Hub’s betting on recruitment agencies

If I got £1 every time someone told me recruitment agencies will be extinct in a decade, or balderdash along those lines, I’d have at least £53. Probably more. And only because few are bold enough to say it to my face. Others think it – that I’m flogging the proverbial dead horse – but…

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Recruitment Agencies: A Changing of the Guard?

I was going to start this post with the words: “the recruitment market is changing” but realised that, not only is that a weak, dull, and uninspiring first sentence but, also, it completely misses the point. The market isn’t “changing”. It’s already changed. Yet nobody in recruitment is really talking about it… We started Hiring Hub way…

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Agency Q&A: Kode Consultancy

We caught up with Nick Hewitt of Kode Consultancy, who has been working with Hiring Hub since May 2017, to get his opinion why he first joined our community and why he continues to get value from it. So, what made you give Hiring Hub a go? As a young business, it’s great. When I…

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Agency Q&A: GK Recruitment

Having joined Hiring Hub in August 2016, we caught up with Earlan Kirwin, an IT Consultant at GK Recruitment to get his thoughts on all-things Hiring Hub… What inspired you to use Hiring Hub? The volume and variety of roles that Hiring Hub had were appealing to me. I’m not a sales person myself, with my…

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How to make over £100k a year on Hiring Hub

A quick five minute read… To understand why recruitment agencies use Hiring Hub and what they think of the platform and service, we interviewed some of our community’s long-standing members. Heather Maxfield of Obscurant Recruitment has been working with Hiring Hub since January 2015, making over 50 placements on the marketplace, and billing over £100k…

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