Is talent acquisition the best job in HR?

It’s a critical HR function. One that could potentially make or break your business. After all, the people you hire will shape its future. Make a major mistake when hiring new staff and it could cost you.

But that’s not to say that this pressure doesn’t come without reward. And we think Talent Acquisition is one of the best roles in a HR department. And for any business, a top recruiter is worth their weight in gold.

But why is it such a great role?

1. It’s high profile.

Business leaders consider recruitment as one of the biggest priorities and a catalyst for growth. But it also presents a significant challenge. After all, finding and attracting top talent can be tough. Talent acquisition has become a top priority for a business. And a big responsibility. Get it right and you’ll be lapping up the praise.


2. Access to the top.

As per point 1, attracting talent is a top priority and as a result recruiters will be exposed to their companies’ top leadership. Business leaders want involvement in the recruitment process and will be on hand to help make important hiring decisions when necessary.

3. Meet great people.

Building relationships and networking is the name of the game here. And meeting new, interesting people comes with the territory. Take note, learn names, be personable and build long term connections with relevant people. It’ll benefit you in the long-term.


4. Changing lives.

Making someone a job offer is a great part of the job. Learning of their excitement to join your business and helping them to develop their career is extremely fulfilling. There’s not many jobs out there that can claim to do this.

5. Strategy, strategy, strategy.

It’s not just about interviews and job offers. Talent acquisition roles require you to development strategic recruitment plans to find the best talent and taking the business to the next level, whilst being cost effective. It’s a challenging, but rewarding process.

HR departments often come in for a lot of unnecessary hostility. A lot of people just see HR professionals as the busybodies in the corner who keep a beady eye on sick days and nag for everyone’s annual performance reviews.

But it’s much more than that. Especially for the talent acquisition team. The future of your business could, quite literally, depend on them.