Teamtailor & Hiring Hub

Teamtailor & Hiring Hub

Hiring Hub gives Teamtailor users an easier way to work with recruitment agencies.

How it works

1. Find Hiring Hub within the “job boards” section of Teamtailor’s marketplace
2. Activate the integration so it appears within your account when posting a job
3. Select “Hiring Hub” when posting your vacancy, and submit your job
4. That’s it, we’ve got your job and will contact you to qualify it


Considering using Hiring Hub and want a demo?
Call: +44 161 300 7235 or email: [email protected].

Need support or help with your account?
Call: +44 161 300 7235 or email: [email protected]


What is a recruitment agency marketplace?
It’s a platform that connects companies to a powerful network of vetted, rated and reviewed recruitment agencies who will compete to fill jobs for a fixed fee you set.

What countries does Hiring Hub operate in?
Hiring Hub operates in the UK and Europe.

How much does it cost to post a job?
Through Teamtailor, it’s free to post a job and use the Hiring Hub platform. You must, though, be willing to pay a recruitment agency a fee should you hire a candidate they source. You set that fee upfront when posting your job, and only pay it on success.

What’s the average placement fee?
This depends on the location and sector. For example, in the UK, fees typically range between 15-20% whereas in Germany the range is 20-32%. If you’re unsure what fee you should set to motivate recruiters, get in touch and we’ll conduct some research to see what has worked on the marketplace historically.

When do I pay the placement fee?
If you hire a candidate, Hiring Hub will invoice you for the placement fee you set on the candidate’s start date. You have 30-days to settle the invoice.

Is there a rebate policy?
Yes. You can read Hiring Hub’s full terms of business here but, in a nutshell, our rebate policy covers you for 60 days. You get 100% of your fee back during the first 45 days, and 50% from day 45-60.

How long does a recruiter own the candidate after submission?
Recruitment agencies that submit a candidate “own” that candidate for six months.

What happens if I receive a duplicate candidate?
The platform identifies duplicate candidate submissions, and the recruiter that submitted the candidate first gets the right to represent them. If you already have the candidate within your ATS, you can notify the recruitment agency of a duplicate.

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