The most in-demand digital skills

There are 745,000 additional workers with digital skills needed by 2017, so understandably demand for talent is high. Employers are becoming more and more concerned about being able to find the right people to fill roles. And rightly so.

But what exactly are the top digital skills being recruited?

We take a look at the top 8..

1. Web development

The internet’s pretty popular isn’t it? So it’s no surprise that web developers are on this list. After all, who would build beautiful websites for us to mindlessly trawl through? Mobile and responsive web development skills are in particularly high demand.

2. App development

Turns out smartphones are pretty popular too. I mean, how many of you have panic attacks if you accidentally forget to bring your phone with you to work? Only for you to get home and no one has even attempted to contact you. How tragic. Anyway… with the incredible popularity of smartphones comes an unprecedented demand for apps to use on them, and it’s this demand that will continue to drive a massive demand for app developers.

3. Digital design

Without great design, it’s unlikely that your website or app will succeed. Digital designers are responsible for the user interface, the point of contact for your business and the front to your digital presence. Great design and user experiences will distinguish you from your competitors, and as such, high quality digital designers are highly sought after.

4. Project management

Delivering digital products and/or services on time and in budget is a vital role. Candidates with knowledge and experience of modern project management methodologies like SCRUM and AGILE are a key digital hire, and will continue to be in the digital era.

5. Analytics

Websites, apps, social media and all other digital channels create vast quantities of data, but without context it is simply a series of text and numbers. Data analysts are immensely valuable to businesses as they provide the context to allow strategic decisions to be made, based on statistic and scientific data, rather than just a gut feeling.


6. Digital marketing

Marketing continues to evolve at an incredible pace – after all, 10 years ago businesses weren’t using social media. In fact, hardly anyone was using social. And there were no iPhones. Keeping pace with change and adding real value is vital. From SEO, PPC and display advertising through to smartphone apps, inbound marketing and web design, marketing skills will continue to be in high demand.

7. Programming

From C++ to Java and beyond, programming language lies at the heart of any digital product or service. Candidates with skills that span a number of languages are at a distinct advantage. As a result they’re extremely popular and top talent is hard to come by.

8. Security

No, we’re not talking about sticking Diamond Dave on the door to stop any bovva. Cyber security is a whole different ball game – and it’s vital to get right. No one wants their bank details or personal information to be accessed by a stranger and used for their personal gain. Ensuring systems are in place to prevent anything untoward happening should be a top priority, and recruiting high calibre cyber security talent plays a major part in this.

If you’re looking to hire top digital talent, but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve developed a comprehensive guide to digital skills, how you can attract them and bridge the skills gap.