UK unemployment rate falls

Right person – right role. The mantra by which all recruitment decisions should be made. Without this the candidate won’t flourish and the business will suffer. Simple stuff really.

But is this always the case?

We recently conducted market research into recruitment pressures with 100 business owners and HR managers. The results were nothing short of alarming, with almost all UK businesses (91%) having admitted to appointing the wrong person for a role.

This can prove a costly mistake if you run a business, but despite this, recruitment quality is compromised almost as a matter of routine. But this isn’t out of choice.

We found that the recruitment process of many UK businesses is inefficient and unsustainable. Digital tools and techniques that allow us to be more efficient and competitive are available at our disposal. In a digital world why not utilise such tools to improve processes and make time and resource savings, rather than suffering from a culture of compromise and draining company resources in the long term?

If this all sounds familiar and you’ve found yourself hiring the wrong person in the past, then why not take a look at the research we conducted. We even offer some top tips to improve your processes.