Why “We’ve always done it this way” is the killer of innovation and will strangle your growth

It comes as no surprise to us that OnRec recently reported that recruiters are becoming more dependent on recruitment technology. Over 80% currently spend over five hours a day using tech in a professional setting.

Now, you won’t be shocked to hear that 30% of this time is spent on LinkedIn. Adoption of other technologies that improve their processes (like Hiring Hub) are on the up, too.

So can the same be said of HR professionals when they’re hiring – are they embracing the latest technology to reduce the admin burden, quicken their process, or widen their search?

Probably not.

Last week we had a conversation with an employer via social media (on Twitter, to be precise) who suggested that they wouldn’t be looking to change their processes as they’d always “done it that way.” However, try back in a year, just in case they review their procedure.

A year?!

Now we can only presume that at the end of each day this person jumps in their Ford Scorpio Ghia, drives home and watches re-runs of Last of the Summer Wine videos on their JVC video recorder, while their partner listens to the latest Rolling Stones album on their Sony Walkman. Because they’ve always done it that way. And that’s the way they like it.

But what would happen if they changed things up a bit, and embraced the latest technology? They might discover Netflix or Spotify, and suddenly proclaim that they’ve seen the future and that it’s orange actually pretty good.

Or at least they should.

The same applies in a professional sense. There are new technologies being developed all the time to make our lives easier. Imagine for example if Apple decided we didn’t need the iPhone before they first released it. The world would be a different place.

So with recruiters embracing technology, it’s time for employers to follow suit.

<Cue shameless self promotion>

Tools like Hiring Hub have been developed to help employers find the best talent, reduce wasted time and help control costs. There’s no risk to using this type of platform, and you can do so alongside your exisiting recruitment suppliers ( a PSL, advertising, direct applicants, etc).

So if you’re sat reading this, then first off – congratulations on getting the internet. Now get out there and discover the fantastic tools that are available to make your life easier. And by that, we mean Hiring Hub 🙂