The eight ball: core characteristics we look for when hiring

Hiring Hub is a fast-growing business and, therefore, not immune to recruitment pains of its own. But whether we’re looking for a new web developer or sales person, we judge all those we meet against eight core characteristics that we believe set people apart in the workplace.

We’re looking for what we call Eight Balls.

Characteristics of a good employee
So what is an Eight Ball? Well, we’ve thought a lot about what, to us, makes the perfect employee. We looked at our existing team and asked what makes those we’ve hired so good at what they do. We also thought long and hard at those we’ve had to let go, and why they weren’t quite right – why didn’t they work out?

We spent a good while thinking about the type of culture we want to develop, too. The kind of company we want to build. Our brand, what it means to us, and we want it to mean to the outside world. We need to find those that can help us shape that. Influence it. Those at the coalface that believe the same things that we believe.

And so we came up with eight innate traits that are important to us in others. The eight things that we can identify and measure relatively easily and, if a candidate possesses, we know means they’ll fit in culturally at, and work hard to succeed in an environment that aims to support its people and promote from within.

So here they are.


You have to be naturally full of beans. As a company, we move fast, to keep up you need energy.


We like people that enjoy life. All aspects of life. And are keen to meet new people, learn new things and develop.


We believe that, to be successful, you should always be learning, and looking to learn. You must have a thirst for information.


To work at you must be able to channel your natural energy and enthusiasm into motivation, so you can achieve something significant.


Without it you will not be motivated. We seek those that want to progress, and we’ll do all we can to help you progress.


We don’t believe you can achieve unless you have a goal to focus on, and the ability to maintain that focus.


Above all, we admire honesty and integrity in people. We all have to work together to succeed, and we’d rather work with nice people.


We will invest in you, and those around you in your team will invest in you too. We like to think you’ll reward that with loyalty.

If you think you’re an Eight Ball and would like the opportunity to develop your career at a company that truly values its people, and is committed to helping them develop their career within a happy, interesting, stimulating and inspiring environment, we’d like to hear from you.

Change jobs. Help us change the recruitment industry.