When do you start delegating recruitment, if ever?

As any manager knows, there are some things you simply can’t delegate. And for successful managers, it might be difficult to let go of one of the most important parts of the job – recruitment.

The people you work with are your most important asset. Companies can’t exist without people and successful companies can’t exist without the right people. So who in their right mind would palm off the key responsibility of hiring to any old schmuck?


The people you hire are responsible for the success of your firm. They are what set you apart from the competition. So get it done yourself and get it done right.


Well, true, there are some things you just can’t delegate. For example, you should always have final approval on candidates who will be your direct reports – and probably their direct reports too – (so within two tiers of your position). For this you’ll need to meet them in person to make sure they have what you’re looking for (although this can wait until they’ve been screened by your team in that first interview and asked to return for a second).

Similarly you should always have final approval over job descriptions. It’s no good getting to that second interview stage to find out that the candidate is a perfect fit for the job description, but the job description isn’t a good fit for your business strategy! You need to know what your team is asking for and that it clearly aligns with the company’s business needs.

However, there are parts of the process you can – and probably should – delegate to other members of your team. Specifically the more mundane tasks that would not only clutter up your diary but that would bore you to tears doing so.

Tasks like writing the job descriptions in the first place. Sure, you need to vet it, but get someone else in the team to do the hard work drafting it. Plus, if they work directly with that role then chances are they’ll also know the daily routine better than you.

Same goes for screening applicants. Take a step back and trust your team to sift through the applications and pick good options. Then go ahead and let them undertake those all-important first interviews, so long as you’re sure they know what they’re looking for and that it fits with your plans.

It also goes without saying that sourcing candidates is definitely something you should delegate to professionals. That’s why Hiring Hub exists, after all – to get you the best candidates fast and without hassle.

Yes, recruitment is a key priority for any manager. But if you hired your team, you need to have a little faith in them for future hires. Give them free reign over the meat of the process and let them help you out. So long as you guide them in the right direction at the beginning and ensure you have final approval on who joins in the end, you’ll keep the company on track and save yourself a lot of stress and wasted time doing so.