About Hiring Hub

We believe boutique recruitment agencies care more and deliver a better service than the global recruitment brands. We built Hiring Hub to democratise the market; make it easier for employers to find and work with specialist recruitment agencies, while helping those agencies access great jobs from fantastic companies.

Leadership, Board & Investors

Hiring Hub Values

We only have three values as we like to keep things simple (maybe that should be a fourth?!).

  • 1

    WE ARE HONEST. We’re humble, honest and have integrity and authenticity – these matters to us

  • 2

    WE PARTNER. We believe in equality and nurturing balanced, win-win relationships

  • 3

    WE SEARCH. We’re never satisfied and constantly strive to do things better

Our philosophy

We imagine a world where finding and working with the best recruitment agencies is as easy as calling an Uber

Meet everyone

  • Ashley Sellar

    Ashley Sellar


  • Simon Swan

    Simon Swan


  • Jordan Lopez

    Jordan Lopez

    Commercial Director

  • Matt Summers

    Matt Summers

    Head of Marketplace

  • Zac Daniels

    Zac Daniels

    Head of Sales

  • Michelle Derungs

    Michelle Derungs

    Head of Marketing

  • Ashley Mead

    Ashley Mead

    Finance Manager

  • Shameelah Bhuta

    Shameelah Bhuta

    Head of Marketplace Operations

  • Ryan Hayden-Crout

    Ryan Hayden-Crout

    Enterprise Partner Manager

  • Daniel Morgan

    Daniel Morgan

    Senior New Business Development Representative

  • Dylan Wagster

    Dylan Wagster

    Senior New Business Development Representative

  • Farjad Siddiqui

    Farjad Siddiqui

    Business Development Manager

  • Aiesha Khan

    Aiesha Khan

    Business Development Manager

  • Ellie Guest

    Ellie Guest

    Marketplace Operations Manager

  • Emma Wordsworth

    Emma Wordsworth

    Marketing Executive

  • William Vale

    William Vale

    Inside Sales Representative

  • Daniel Hinds

    Daniel Hinds

    Inside Sales Representative

  • Saahil Chatoo

    Saahil Chatoo

    Inside Sales Representative

  • Sam York

    Sam York

    Inside Sales Representative

  • Daniel Hobson

    Daniel Hobson

    Customer Success Manager

  • Danny Richardson

    Danny Richardson

    Customer Success Manager

  • Elliot Chesters

    Elliot Chesters

    Account Manager

  • Holly Suddaby

    Holly Suddaby

    Account Manager

  • Emma Garland

    Emma Garland

    Account Manager

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