Multinational chemical and consumer goods company, Henkel, partnered with Hiring Hub to consolidate all third-party recruitment on one easy to use platform.

Headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, multinational chemical and consumer goods company, Henkel, which owns major household brands including Schwarzkopf, Persil and Loctite, partnered with Hiring Hub to consolidate all third-party recruitment on one platform to ensure compliance, accelerate new supplier onboarding, measure metrics and track supplier performance, and route all payments through one vendor and platform.

The UK’s leading recruiter marketplace, Hiring Hub’s core product – a B2B marketplace – connects employers with top-rated recruitment agencies to help them find the best candidates. It first launched version one of Portal in 2020 to help large companies, like Henkel, manage their recruitment supply chain, measure performance and track spend.

Hiring Hub’s recruitment agency management portal has empowered Henkel’s in-house recruitment teams, centralising all PSL activity and increasing visibility and control third-party hiring, while significantly cutting the time taken to onboard new recruiters giving them far more flexibility to utilise niche agencies for specialist roles.

Henkel, which has over 50,000 employees globally, is Hiring Hub’s first major international client to adopt its Portal product.

Able to measure metrics & supplier performance

Easily able to accelerate new supplier onboarding

Able to consolidate all third-party recruitment on one platform

Able to centralise all PSL activity and increase visibility of all third-party hiring

Why Henkel loves Hiring Hub

“"We have been impressed with Hiring Hub’s user-friendly platform and commitment to customer service. Implementation was straightforward, and our partnership is only getting stronger thanks to the consistency and responsiveness of Hiring Hub’s relationship management team, for whom nothing seems too much trouble. We would certainly recommend Hiring Hub to any large company that wants to keep recruitment in-house, rather than outsource it, and is seeking a platform to unite its team and supply chain in the cloud to drive greater efficiency and communication.””

Markus Krahforst
Head Of Recruitment at Henkel

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