Customer Q&A: Quacquarelli Symonds

Customer Q&A: Lisa Jiang, HR Business Advisor at Quacquarelli Symonds, shares how the platform has helped her manage her recruitment.

Lisa Jiang, HR Business Advisor at Quacquarelli Symonds, filled her first job through Hiring Hub in October 2015, and has been a member of our community ever since. In this Q&A, she shares how the platform has helped her manage her recruitment.

How did you hear about Hiring Hub?

One of your Relationship Managers reached out to me to introduce the Hiring Hub marketplace and its benefits. We were, on the lookout for a solution that would help us manage our recruitment costs, so Hiring Hub – a free platform with a fixed fee system –  really popped up at the right time!

What made you give Hiring Hub a go?

I always thought there was a gap in the market for something like Hiring Hub. I was on the lookout for specialist recruitment agencies to support us in placing roles, and wished there was a service that could aggregate various agencies and connect me to them quickly. I believe the recruitment market needs that clarity as well.

Why do you come back to Hiring Hub?

It has been instrumental in helping us to keep our recruitment costs down.

How do you decide what fee to set for each job?

Depends very much on our own budget. The fee system is very transparent, so it’s easy to see when fees work and when they are not high enough, allowing us to review budgets when and if necessary.

What kind of problems has the Hiring Hub solved for you?

It’s great not to have to negotiate terms with every single agency! It’s always such a hassle. My dedicated Relationship Manager has made communicating with agencies much easier, and having that one point of contact saves me a lot of time.

How quickly do you tend to receive suitable candidates for your positions?

CVs come in fairly quickly – within a week’s time I generally have some candidates ready to review, and can move on to interview stages. Of course, it depends on the team on our side as well, and how difficult the role is! Our average time to hire is 22 days, and Hiring Hub supports us through the process and manages expectations on our behalf.

What is the biggest benefit to using Hiring Hub?

Cost reduction aside, it’s great to have a Relationship Manager support me in managing the agencies. Individually briefing all the agencies on our roles would take up too much time, Hiring Hub takes care of that for me.

Do you feel that Hiring Hub has connected you to good quality specialist recruitment agencies within your industry?

Yes! The agencies are reliable and quick to produce applicants for us to review.

Would you recommend Hiring Hub?

I would and I have! I’ve recommended it to my HR friends in London. It’s a good platform that’s cost-effective, and a great way to manage recruitment channels.  It’s an alternative way to get good agencies on board and communicate with them clearly.