Why Hiring Hub exists

We believe small, independent recruitment agencies care more and deliver a better service than the global recruitment brands. We built Hiring Hub to democratise the market; make it easier for employers to find and work with specialist recruitment agencies, while helping those agencies access great jobs from fantastic companies.

Learn why we’re betting on independent recruiters in this blog from our CEO.

Leadership, Board & Investors

  • Simon Swan

    Simon Swan


    Engineer turned entrepreneur. Co-founded Hiring Hub and drives the company's mission to make people feel good about recruitment.

Why Hiring Hub?

We put trust and integrity at the heart of our recruitment marketplace

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    We practice and believe in transparency. We publish each recruitment agency's data and customer reviews to highlight those that consistently go the extra mile to deliver a great service.

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    We champion small, independent recruitment agencies because we think they care more than the larger recruitment brands. We support them, so they can use their advantages over those bigger firms.

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    We believe that relationships are more productive when we're clear and honest about what we want upfront, and what we can do. Starting a relationship with clarity leads to a better outcome for all.

Our philosophy

We imagine a world where finding and working with the best recruitment agencies is as easy as calling an Uber

Meet everyone

  • Michelle Derungs

    Michelle Derungs

    Head of Marketing

  • Ryan Hayden-Crout

    Ryan Hayden-Crout

    Account Manager

  • Ellie Guest

    Ellie Guest

    Operations Manager

  • Ashley Mead

    Ashley Mead

    Finance Manager

  • Shameelah Bhuta

    Shameelah Bhuta

    Head of Marketplace

  • Joseph Rutherford

    Joseph Rutherford

    Head of Recruitment Sales

  • Farjad Siddiqui

    Farjad Siddiqui

    Recruitment Account Manager

  • Niaomi Winterbottom

    Niaomi Winterbottom

    Customer Success Account Manager

  • Amy Chouvin

    Amy Chouvin

    Head of Employer New Business

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