Customer Q&A: MID Communications

Jenn Hulme, Head of HR at MID Communications shares her thoughts on Hiring Hub.

A user since 2016, Jenn Hulme, Head of HR at MID Communications shares her thoughts on Hiring Hub.

Can you remember what it was about Hiring Hub that first made you give it a go?

I heard about it at the CIPD conference and I liked the concept. The secure barrier between the employers and agencies, and the fact that agencies would be vetted, gave me confidence in the business. But, without a doubt, what swung it for me was the friendliness of Hiring Hub’s relationship team. I just love working with them, and I’ve built up a very personal relationship with them in a short space of time.

It’s great to hear our team are so supportive. How do they help you?

I only really want to have a conversation with agencies once a job gets to offer stage and the contract exists directly with me and the agency, before that I prefer to liaise through the platform’s messaging system. I don’t want contact before then, I’m not too bothered.

How do you decide what fee to set for each job?

I have a budget and I’m wary that a need to keep a grip on our recruitment budget. That’s why I find Hiring Hub much more transparent and cost efficient, because I can simply say “I’m willing to pay this fee” to an agency upfront, knowing that figure is not going vary as a percentage of the salary, so I always know what I’m working with. It’s great for my forecasts and budget! No matter what the candidate or salary is like, I know what I’m spending. I much prefer this fixed fee way of working. The team at Hiring Hub are brilliant at providing advice on what fee to set, too. Initially, I’ll talk through the role with them, then set out parameters and get their advice on what fee to set to get a good response from their agencies. They always ask me what I’m looking to pay first, which is great because I love having that autonomy and clarity.

So it’s a thumbs-up for Hiring Hub so far?

Oh I love it, I just love it! I’ve got such a great relationship with the team. I think my relationship has extended a little bit beyond the traditional way that they work, as I come in regularly to see the team.. The efficiency of the marketplace model is truly superb! I had a very quick turnaround with my first role, and the candidate still works with us now, which is fantastic!

What would you say has been the biggest benefit?

The biggest benefit for me is that I no longer have to source my own recruitment agencies. I have credible agencies at the push of a button, rather than having to Google specialist recruitment agencies and being unsure of their credibility and their positon in the market. All that stress is gone for me with Hiring Hub.

So you’d recommend it to others?

Yes, one million percent of course I would! The personal relationship and the simplicity make Hiring Hub truly unique! If you’re recruiting, try Hiring Hub today and post a job for free.