Customer Q&A: Neopost

"We filled a role immediately on Hiring Hub!"

Neopost’s Resourcing Manager, Vicky Wright, has only recently starting using Hiring Hub’s marketplace (she posted her first job in November 2017, which she filled in eight days) so we grabbed her to find out why she gave it a go, and to get her initial thoughts on the platform, it’s community of recruitment agencies, and the service from her Relationship Manager.

How did you hear about Hiring Hub, and where you surprised when you discovered it was free for employers to use?

I was. Yes. I was at a recruitment event for SMEs, run by the In-house Recruitment Network [LINK:]. I met a couple of the Hiring Hub team there, learnt about the platform and its benefits and from there it was a no brainer to give it a go – it doesn’t cost us anything!

Beyond it being free, was there any other reasons you wanted to give Hiring Hub a go?

I want the opportunity to work with the smaller, specialist recruitment agencies and Hiring Hub is a great way to do this. It’s really convenient and easy to reach those independent agencies that you know exist, but struggle to get to.

So how are you finding the marketplace and the service so far?

Yes, really good actually. The platform is so simple to use. I’ve had about four or five roles on Hiring Hub so far and we filled one role straight away, which was great!

You get a dedicated Relationship Manager to support your use of Hiring Hub, has that helped?

Yes, it’s much nicer just having one person to speak to rather than having to call numerous agencies all the time! Ha ha.

What would you say is the biggest benefit to using Hiring Hub?

Two things: the first is not having to deal with a multitude of different agencies at once. I can simply send messages through Hiring Hub’s platform, which acts as a central point of contact, and so I don’t get numerous agencies cold calling me; the second biggest benefit is that I’m able to engage with smaller agencies that I may not have heard of before.

How would you describe what Hiring Hub does for you in a few words?

It saves me time and makes it easier to hire. If you’re recruiting, try Hiring Hub today and post a job for free.