What are the best snacks to serve at an office meeting?

Meetings… they can be very dull. And that’s why delicious snacks are necessary; they motivate people to attend. Here’s our pick of the top meeting snacks.

Top office snacks

1. Prozac. This is particularly appropriate for a Monday morning meeting. Sugarcoat it by inserting a dose into a doughnut. Caffeine and/or valium are worthy alternatives if your prozac stock is running low.

2. Bacon. Anytime of the day bacon is a most welcomed addition to the party. It’s best served in a butty. This salty, buttery treat is just the right pick-me-up for your team; it’ll get their creative juices flowing.

3. Croissants. Not my particular favourite, but other people seem to enjoy them immensely. I’ve noticed that the glossy ones go down especially well.

4. Children’s party. Some afternoons, try as you might to be healthy, you just need that sugar fix to pull you through. So rev up the energy in the boardroom with a ton load of sugar. I’m thinking: Hula Hoops, Party Rings, Twiglets, cubes of cheddar, dolly mix, and plenty of fizzy drinks.

5. Nachos. Mexican food gets everyone going… in a good way! It’s a fun and shareable snack. Be sure to remember the huge dollops of guacamole, sour cream, salsa and jalapeños. (Best for in the summer- and served with caipirinhas.)

6. Sushi. This is a healthier alternative to the waistline sin of the above suggestions. Make sure you remember to grab a vegetarian option too. (Not one for first thing in the morning.)

7. Branded candies. If it’s a meeting with clients or business associates, then why not grasp the opportunity to push your brand into their mind a little more with some branded treats.

8. Builder’s buffet. Sausage rolls, pork pies, marmite sandwiches. Wholesome and yummy. Hits the spot.

9. Pizza.  If there’s anyone on the planet who doesn’t enjoy a cheesy slice of pizza, I’m yet to hear of them.

10. Afternoon tea. If you’re feeling particularly high brow- why not serve afternoon tea at your meeting? You can get your fix of quaint little cups and saucers, cucumber sandwiches and scones.


Food is a drug. It has a huge impact on our mood. It can make us feel happy, contented and buzzing, but it can also make us irritable, cranky and hyper. So when it comes to choosing the right accompaniment for your business meetings, you have to put careful consideration into the nature of the occasion.

If you need to hype the room up, reach for the sugary option. If it would be more appropriate to keep things calm (say if the last time you saw this particular client they were very unimpressed), then select the calming sushi option.

If in doubt, get the prozac out.

Hope you enjoy your meeting.

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